5 Times Jeff Hardy's personal life was featured as part of a WWE storyline

  • Jeff Hardy recently returned to WWE to feud with Sheamus, with hiss personal history as a big factor in their rivalry.
  • Here are five times that we have seen Jeff Hardy's past used in storyline previously.
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Modified 19 May 2020, 11:00 IST

Jeff Hardy recently returned to SmackDown.
Jeff Hardy recently returned to SmackDown.

With a career spanning more than 25 years, Jeff Hardy has recently returned to SmackDown, launching his latest run as a singles competitor.

Jeff Hardy, now 42-years-old, remains one of WWE's most popular Superstars. However, his time with the company has been broken up into several stints. Throughout his professional wrestling career, the Charismatic Enigma has had multiple spells away from the ring due to issues in his personal life.

On several of these occasions, Hardy has also experienced legal trouble as a result of his personal choices. Often when a performer has an issue in their day-to-day real life, wrestling promotions will not address the situation on television, preferring instead to focus on continuing their own storylines.

For Jeff Hardy, though, this has not been the case. Hardy's struggles have been referenced on television several times over the years.

In some instances, this has helped enhance the angle Hardy is involved in. Others, however, have not been so successful and would have been better off having not happened.

Thankfully, as we have seen over the last few weeks on SmackDown, Jeff Hardy insists that he is healthy and ready to make one last run at a world championship.

Here are five times where Jeff Hardy's personal life has been brought up on television.

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#5 Sheamus (2020)

Sheamus is currently feuding with Jeff Hardy.
Sheamus is currently feuding with Jeff Hardy.

The inspiration behind this article is Jeff Hardy's current feud with Sheamus. The pair will clash in the first round of the ongoing tournament to crown a new Intercontinental Champion.

It seems likely, though, that their issue will extend beyond the tournament. In the weeks leading up to Hardy's return, Sheamus was angered by the amount of focus placed on the comeback - especially compared to the attention he himself had received.

Sheamus insists that Jeff Hardy has already had too many chances to fulfill his potential and has mocked the idea of his latest comeback. Speaking when the two faced off on a recent edition of SmackDown, Sheamus vowed to finally "put out Hardy's flame."

Jeff Hardy ended the segment by delivering a Swanton Bomb to the Irishman. It is too early in the angle to judge its quality, but Hardy's personal journey seems sure to be referenced many times before this feud is over.

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Published 19 May 2020, 11:00 IST
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