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5 ways a WWE and XFL cross-promotion can happen

Vince McMahon announcing the relaunched XFL
Vince McMahon announcing the relaunched XFL
Modified 12 Feb 2020
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If you're an American Football fan (henceforth to be called just "football" as that's just easier to type) and around in the sci-fi year of 2001, you probably remember the ill-fated original incarnation of Vince McMahon's XFL. Rushed into existence way too soon after being announced, McMahon's football league started off strong, but eventually busted out - some games even drawing some of the lowest TV ratings in history.

Nearly 20 years later, the XFL is back and this time... well, this time it's a lot better. All four games this past weekend were actually really well played and, this time, there was no WWE connection to be found (other than an interview with a player thanking Vince McMahon for the opportunity to play professional football). While not the reason the league failed the first time (the horrible quality of play was the culprit there), its association with McMahon's other business worked against it.

Which is weird because WWE/F was the hottest thing on TV at the time. Eh, anyway...

That doesn't mean we won't see some sort of interaction between the two companies now (McMahon actually formed a company, Alpha Entertainment, completely separate from WWE to found the league) - especially considering WWE's partnership with Fox, who air both SmackDown and XFL games.

So, here are five ways the two promotions could actually do a crossover promotion - without going overboard into original XFL territory.

#5 WWE Superstars making appearances on sidelines/announce booth

During the Dallas Renegades/St. Louis Battlehawks game this past Saturday (the second ever game of the new XFL), former NFL player/current NXT pre-show host/also current XFL announcer Pat MacAfee had himself a very interesting interview on the sidelines during the game. That interview with with NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Troy Aikman - who actually had a lot of positive things to say about the upstart football company.

It should be noted that Aikman is an announcer for Fox's NFL games - so he doesn't work for NFL, he works for Fox. You know what other company has a pretty solid relationship with the Fox Network? Right. WWE. (That's who you said, right? I can't hear you from here)


In the lead-up to SmackDown's debut on Fox, many WWE Superstars made appearances on Fox sports broadcasts - such as during a St. Louis Cardinals/Chicago Cubs game where Braun Strowman joined the announce team for half an inning.

There's no reason that Fox can't have WWE stars do the same thing during XFL games, without overemphasizing the WWE connection. There's plenty of WWE stars with pro football experience - Roman Reigns, Baron Corbin, etc. - that would make for interesting guests. They could certainly play it up as trying to promote SmackDown to the XFL audience - Fox has certainly been promoting the show outside of these football games.

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Published 12 Feb 2020, 11:06 IST
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