XFL 2023

The Rock announces major change coming to XFL The Rock announces major change coming to XFL
The Rock announces major change coming to XFL

About XFL 2023

The Super Bowl may just be over but there is exciting news for football fans as the Xtreme Football League (XFL) makes a comeback in 2023. The XFL is a minor football league where 8 teams will compete throughout 43 games, including playoffs and a finale. The XFL 2023 is scheduled to start on February 18 and the final championship game will take place on May 13.

The XFL was originally started in 2020 but got canceled midway due to the pandemic and thereafter the XFL parent company also declared bankruptcy. The XFL got revamped for a return in 2023 after Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Dany Garcia assumed ownership of the league.

The XFL has a 10 week regular season which will be followed by two playoff games and one Championship game. The 8 teams are divided into two divisions of four (the South Division and the North Division). After almost two and a half years in development the XFL plans to be a regular football league which will deliver pro football games in the NFL offseason. The league will help develop players and take American football towards a new direction along with the NFL.

XFL 2023 Teams

The XFL currently consists of 8 teams. The teams are divided into two divisions. Each team has to play ten games in the regular season with no bye weeks. The teams for XFL 2023 include:

ClubCityStadiumSurfaceHead coach
South Division
Arlington RenegadesArlington, TexasChoctaw StadiumGrassBob Stoops
Houston RoughnecksHouston, TexasTDECU StadiumTurfWade Phillips
Orlando GuardiansOrlando, FloridaCamping World StadiumTurfTerrell Buckley
San Antonio BrahmasSan Antonio, TexasAlamodomeTurfHines Ward
North Division
DC DefendersWashington, D.C.Audi FieldGrassReggie Barlow
Seattle Sea DragonsSeattle, WashingtonLumen FieldTurfJim Haslett
St. Louis BattleHawksSt. Louis, MissouriThe Dome at America's CenterTurfAnthony Becht
Vegas VipersLas Vegas, NevadaCashman FieldGrassRod Woodson

XFL 2023 Schedule

There will be a total of 43 games in the XFL where each team will play a total of 10 regular season games. There will be two playoff games followed by a final between two division winners.

Here is the schedule for XFL 2023:

Week 1

Vegas Vipers vs. Arlington Renegades

Orlando Guardians vs. Houston Roughnecks

St. Louis Battlehawks vs. San Antonio Brahmas

Seattle Sea Dragons vs. DC Defenders

Week 2

St. Louis Battlehawks vs. Seattle Sea Dragons

DC Defenders vs. Vegas Vipers

San Antonio Brahmas vs. Orlando Guardians

Arlington Renegades vs. Houston Roughnecks

Week 3

Seattle Sea Dragons vs. Vegas Vipers

St. Louis Battlehawks vs. DC Defenders

Orlando Guardians vs. Arlington Renegades

San Antonio Brahmas vs. Houston Roughnecks

Week 4

Houston Roughnecks vs. Orlando Guardians

San Antonio Brahmas vs. Seattle Sea Dragons

Arlington Renegades vs. St. Louis Battlehawks

Vegas Vipers vs. DC Defenders

Week 5

Houston Roughnecks vs. Seattle Sea Dragons

DC Defenders vs. St. Louis Battlehawks

Orlando Guardians vs. Vegas Vipers

Arlington Renegades vs. San Antonio Brahmas

Week 6

Seattle Sea Dragons vs. Orlando Guardians

St. Louis Battlehawks vs. Vegas Vipers

San Antonio Brahmas vs. Arlington Renegades

Houston Roughnecks vs. DC Defenders

Week 7

Seattle Sea Dragons vs. Arlington Renegades

St. Louis Battlehawks vs. Houston Roughnecks

San Antonio Brahmas vs. Vegas Vipers

DC Defenders vs. Orlando Guardians

Week 8

Vegas Vipers vs.St. Louis Battlehawks

Arlington Renegades vs. Orlando Guardians

Houston Roughnecks vs. San Antonio Brahmas

DC Defenders vs. Seattle Sea Dragons

Week 9

Vegas Vipers vs. Houston Roughnecks

Orlando Guardians vs. San Antonio Brahmas

Arlington Renegades vs. DC Defenders

Seattle Sea Dragons vs. St. Louis Battlehawks

Week 10

Orlando Guardians vs. St. Louis Battlehawks

DC Defenders vs, San Antonio Brahmas

Houston Roughnecks vs. Arlington Renegades

Vegas Vipers vs. Seattle Sea Dragons

Scroll down for the complete SFL 2023 TV Schedule

XFL 2023 Roster

The XFL roster has been finalized as a 51 man squad roster. The training camp for the XFL started with 80 players on each squad which then reduced gradually, finally standing at 51 players.

There were two sets of drafts for XFL 2023. The Draft included players from the NFL season’s practice squads and college players who could not make it to the NFL too. The XFL includes a mix of players from the NFL and also players who aim to make it to the NFL. The XFL can be a league which helps launch players into the NFL and also provide a platform for NFL players who are on the verge of retirement but still want to play professional football.

Some of the most notable former NFL players in XFL 2023 include:

  • Geronimo Allison (Vegas) - WR

  • Vic Beasley (Vegas) - LB

  • Martavis Bryant (Vegas) - WR

  • Ben DiNucci (Seattle) - QB

  • Matt Elam (Orlando) - DB

  • Josh Gordon (Seattle) - WR

  • Will Hill (Arlington) - DB

  • Marquette King (Arlington) - P

  • Paxton Lynch (Orlando) - QB

  • A.J. McCarron (St. Louis) - QB

  • Caraun Reid (D.C.) - DL

  • Eli Rogers (Orlando) - WR

  • Kyle Sloter (Arlington) - QB

  • Brad Wing (San Antonio) - P

XFL 2023 Rules

The rules for XFL are different from what NFL fans are accustomed to. There are a few unique rules which make the XFL exciting and different from NFL or even the USFL. The XFL rules makes the game faster paced and very action oriented.

Here are some of the most important rules of the XFL 2023:


  • The XFL will operate with a 35-second play clock, which begins following the previous play

  • Clock will start following incomplete passes and out of bounds plays prior to two-minute warning of either half

  • Clock will stop following first downs after a two-minute warning of either half.

  • The first and second half will be split by a 10-minute halftime

  • Three timeouts per team per half


  • Teams begin play five yards apart - kicking team at opponent’s 35-yard line and return team at own 30-yard line

Keeping the Ball

Teams will have two options to keep the ball after scoring:

  • Traditional onside kick (any time during game)

  • 4th and 15 conversion from own 25-yard line (4th quarter only)

Double Forward Passes

  • If a team completes a forward pass behind the line of scrimmage, that team may throw a second forward pass, as long as the ball has not crossed the line of scrimmage

  • Once the ball has passed the line of scrimmage, no forward passes are permitted

  • The first pass may fall incomplete rather than becoming a fumbled lateral.

Extra Points

  • Teams will have three run/pass only options for extra points following a touchdown

  • 2-yard line = one point; 5-yard line = two points; 10-yard line = three points

  • Defense awarded same number of points for a touchdown


  • A minimum of three plays from an opponent’s 5-yard line.

  • Consists of alternating attempts from opponent’s 5-yard line

  • Three attempts per team (two points per score) or until winner is decided

Golden Challenge

  • Coaches in the XFL are provided with one challenge per game called the ‘golden challenge’. This presents the coach the opportunity to review penalties or any plays.

Instant Replays

  • Centralized replay with all plays subject to review from a Replay Official

  • Replay may correct errors on non-reviewable plays, player safety at any point during the game, and any issue in the last five minutes of regulation plus overtime

  • Final rulings will be made by designated members of the officiating department in a central location

Read more about the unique rules of the XFL 2023 by clicking here

XFL 2023 Uniforms

All jerseys in the XFL are provided by the league itself as the XFL is in partnership with Under Armour. As official uniform partners of the XFL, Under Armour unveiled the jerseys for each team in December 2022 itself. Under Armour is not only providing jerseys for each team but also provide base layer, sideline and even training apparel.

Each team identity is portrayed in the unique team jerseys. However, each jersey features a “Blood, Sweat, Respect” quote, which is a mantra/message from the XFL owners to each team member.

The XFL jerseys are based on Under Armour’s Armour Grid 2 football jersey. The textile is made to be durable, well ventilated and well fitting. There are no unnecessary areas of stretchy fabric which makes the jerseys more comfortable for play.

XFL 2023 TV Schedule

Week 1

DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
February 183:00 p.m. ETVegas VipersArlington RenegadesChoctaw StadiumABC
8:30 p.m. ETOrlando GuardiansHouston RoughnecksTDECU StadiumESPN and FX
February 193:00 p.m. ETSt. Louis BattlehawksSan Antonio BrahmasAlamodomeABC
8:00 p.m. ETSeattle Sea DragonsDC DefendersAudi FieldESPN

Week 2

DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
February 239:00 p.m. ETSt. Louis BattlehawksSeattle Sea DragonsLumen FieldFX
February 257:00 p.m. ETDC DefendersVegas VipersCashman Field
February 264:00 p.m. ETSan Antonio BrahmasOrlando GuardiansCamping World StadiumESPN
7:00 p.m. ETArlington RenegadesHouston RoughnecksTDECU StadiumESPN2

Week 3

DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
March 47:00 p.m. ETSeattle Sea DragonsVegas VipersCashman FieldFX
March 51:00 p.m. ETSt. Louis BattlehawksDC DefendersAudi Field
4:00 p.m. ETOrlando GuardiansArlington RenegadesChoctaw Stadium
8:00 p.m. ETSan Antonio BrahmasHouston RoughnecksTDECU StadiumESPN2

Week 4

DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
March 117:00 p.m. ETHouston RoughnecksOrlando GuardiansCamping World StadiumFX
10:00 p.m. ETSan Antonio BrahmasSeattle Sea DragonsLumen Field
March 124:00 p.m. ETArlington RenegadesSt. Louis BattlehawksThe Dome at America's CenterESPN2
7:00 p.m. ETVegas VipersDC DefendersAudi Field

Week 5

DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
March 169:00 p.m. ETHouston RoughnecksSeattle Sea DragonsLumen FieldFX
March 187:00 p.m. ETDC DefendersSt. Louis BattlehawksThe Dome at America's Center
10:00 p.m. ETOrlando GuardiansVegas VipersCashman Field
March 1910:00 p.m. ETArlington RenegadesSan Antonio BrahmasAlamodomeESPN2

Week 6

DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
March 251:30 p.m. ETSeattle Sea DragonsOrlando GuardiansCamping World StadiumESPN
7:00 p.m. ETSt. Louis BattlehawksVegas VipersCashman FieldFX
March 263:00 p.m. ETSan Antonio BrahmasArlington RenegadesChoctaw StadiumABC
March 277:00 p.m. ETHouston RoughnecksDC DefendersAudi FieldFX

Week 7

DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
March 317:00 p.m. ETSeattle Sea DragonsArlington RenegadesChoctaw StadiumFX
April 13:00 p.m. ETSt. Louis BattlehawksHouston RoughnecksTDECU StadiumESPN2
6:00 p.m. ETSan Antonio BrahmasVegas VipersCashman FieldESPN
April 27:00 p.m. ETDC DefendersOrlando GuardiansCamping World StadiumFX

Week 8

DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
April 81:00 p.m. ETVegas VipersSt. Louis BattlehawksThe Dome at America's CenterESPN
4:00 p.m. ETArlington RenegadesOrlando GuardiansCamping World Stadium
April 93:00 p.m. ETHouston RoughnecksSan Antonio BrahmasAlamodomeABC
7:00 p.m. ETDC DefendersSeattle Sea DragonsLumen FieldESPN2

Week 9

DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
April 1512:30 p.m. ETVegas VipersHouston RoughnecksTDECU StadiumABC
7:00 p.m. ETOrlando GuardiansSan Antonio BrahmasAlamodomeESPN2
April 1612:00 p.m. ETArlington RenegadesDC DefendersAudi FieldESPN
3:00 p.m. ETSeattle Sea DragonsSt. Louis BattlehawksThe Dome at America's Center

Week 10

DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
April 2212:00 p.m. ETOrlando GuardiansSt. Louis BattlehawksThe Dome at America's CenterESPN
3:00 p.m. ETDC DefendersSan Antonio BrahmasAlamodomeABC
April 233:00 p.m. ETHouston RoughnecksArlington RenegadesChoctaw StadiumESPN
9:00 p.m. ETVegas VipersSeattle Sea DragonsLumen FieldESPN2


DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
April 297:00 p.m. ETTBDTBDTBDESPN2
April 303:00 p.m. ETTBDTBDTBDESPN
DateTimeAway teamHome teamStadiumBroadcast
May 133:00 p.m. ETTBDTBDTBDABC


There will be a total of 43 games played in XFL 2023. This includes 40 regular season games and 3 playoff games (2 semi-final games and 1 final game).
All XFL games will be officially televised on either the ESPN family of networks or FX. The network and the number of games they will air during the 2023 XFL season are listed below. FX: 15 ESPN: 12 ESPN2: 10 ABC: 7
XFL stands for Xtreme Football League which was started in 2020 by WWE owner Vince McMahon. The XFL is currently owned by Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia.
The lower age limit for XFL players is 18, and no player below the age of 18 is eligible to play in the XFL. There is no upper age limit in the XFL.
The XFL have arranged deals with agents where participants would receive $5,000 weekly plus a $1,000 incentive for each victory. The typical player would be expected to make around $60,000 from training camp till the end of the season, including additional potential bonuses. The XFL is also paying for lodging and two meals a day throughout the season, and it estimated the value of its benefits package at an extra $20,000 per player.
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