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5 Ways Alberto Del Rio and Paige parallel "Bennifer"

Does pro wrestling's odd couple remind you of "Bennifer" from back in the day?

Top 5 / Top 10 21 Oct 2016, 15:42 IST
Alberto Del Rio and Paige get people talking

It seems like every day we hear something new about this strange relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige. It is never ending gossip and if one thing is certain, this couple has people talking. 

I was having breakfast with a dear friend of mine when he started talking about how this relationship was bad for Paige’s career. Right then a light went off in my head and I had to write this. 

Our American readers may be more familiar with this, but about thirteen years ago, there was a huge obsession with actors Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Known in the media as “Bennifer”, it seemed that no one could stop talking about this power couple. 

They turned heads everywhere they went, and they were the talk of the town. Within a few months of dating, the couple announced their engagement and it created a media frenzy.

Lopez recorded the album “This is Me…Then” which was solely dedicated to Affleck. In addition, the two were signed up to film two movies together, Gigli and Jersey Girl. The engagement overshadowed the films and Gigli ended up being a box office disaster which hurt both actors. 

Of course, the relationship didn’t last and both actors were able to rebound from the ill-fated romance. 

The madness surrounding pro wrestling’s odd couple definitely reminded me of this. And now that the couple is engaged, what else can we expect as early as this week? Many have sounded off on this couple including Paige’s father. Nevertheless, there isn’t a dull moment with this couple.

#1 The obsession

The couple broke the Internet when they went public

When Paige and Del Rio became public this summer, the Internet exploded over this pairing. The couple were out and about at Disney World of all places. Afterwards, anytime pictures were posted, it got fans talking. 

Paige would post pictures of them on social media, and even flaunted a “Papi” tattoo that she got shortly after the couple went public. Even at Raw, where Paige was spotted watching Del Rio’s matches, fans were sure to point it out that the former Anti-Diva has very well been struck by Cupid’s Arrow. 

I said it before, but this is definitely a case of ‘opposites attract’. It seems no matter what this couple does, it gets people talking. 

Bennifer was the same way. They went out to dine at a restaurant, it was a madhouse. Lopez’s first video for her This is Me…Then album starred her beau and it made headlines. They know that they have fans talking and if anything else, it prompts them to continue the PDA for all to see. You can see the video here:

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