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5 Ways WWE's in-ring style is hurting the overall product

Tom Clark
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Sami Zayn goes airborne vs. Kevin Owens

WWE has always been known as the land of opportunity in professional wrestling, but that has never been truer than now. The days of cookie-cutter Superstars are over, as talents from every walk of life are currently being used throughout the card. Major names that were once believed to perhaps never make the jump to WWE are now enjoying main event spots.

It’s a new day for WWE, and fans are reaping the benefits of it. This is arguably the most exciting time the company has seen since The Attitude Era, and it’s clear that the future has become the primary focus for everyone involved.

But the complexion of WWE is not the only thing that’s changed; the in-ring style has changed as well. Slower paced matches spotlighting technical mat wrestling are the exception now, instead of the norm. High-risk moves that take guys head over heels are expected, instead of surprising.

This is not the WWE of old, this is something much different. Despite how much some fans may love what they’re seeing, it’s become very obvious that this style cannot withstand the test of time. New is not always better, and that is definitely the case here.

Fans must be happy of course, but WWE must also do what is best for business. Longevity is vital, and this New Era is too important to end anytime soon.

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