5 weirdest pregnancy announcements in WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
WWE Hall of Famer Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

WWE promos and segments are known for their unpredictability. These angles range from being utterly hilarious to outright disturbing. Over the years, pregnancy announcements have also been an integral part of certain storylines.

The company's creative team has often taken the joyful announcement of pregnancy and turned it into bizarre segments. However, some have been entertaining enough to leave a mark on the WWE Universe.

Below are some of the weirdest pregnancy announcements in WWE history:

#5 Stephanie McMahon (kayfabe)


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's real-life relationship has been featured in multiple WWE angles during their careers.

Today, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are proud parents of three young girls. But there was a time when McMahon used the "pregnancy" excuse to save her marriage with The Game in kayfabe.

As a part of a storyline in 2002, Triple H almost ended the marriage due to Stephanie McMahon's clingy and manipulative behavior. To add emotional value to the storyline, WWE crafted a segment where McMahon wanted The Game to renew their wedding vows before the entire WWE Universe. When the Hall of Famer refused, Stephanie McMahon announced she was pregnant.

Triple H was excited to hear this news, and all was forgiven. Later, Linda McMahon informed Triple H that it was a lie, and the storyline proceeded to a different angle.

#4 Maria Kanellis (real-life)


In 2019, Maria Kanellis and her husband, Mike Kanellis, were in a feud with real-life couple Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. As one of the most powerful couples in WWE, The Man and The Architect accepted the challenge Maria's challenge for a mixed tag match on an episode of RAW.

During the bout, Seth Rollins struck Mike Kanellis with a Buckle Bomb and a kick to the face, forcing him to tag in Maria Kanellis. At the same time, Rollins tagged in Becky Lynch.

Instead of entering the ring, Maria Kanellis jumped ringside, took the mic, and hurled abuses at her husband for being unable to protect her. When Lynch jumped ringside to throw a punch at Kanellis, she hurriedly gestured for Lynch to stop and announced that she was pregnant. The crowd popped while Becky Lynch remained motionless and confused for a while.

A frustrated Maria Kanellis later exclaimed Mike Kanellis wasn't "man enough" to impregnate her, but Lynch took the opportunity of this hurtful distraction to get him back into the ring. The match ended with Mike Kanellis tapping out when Becky Lynch executed a Dis-arm-her on him.

Later, Kanellis confirmed that she was actually pregnant, and it wasn't an excuse to get out of fighting The Man.

#3 WWE Hall of Famer Lita (kayfabe)


In 2004, Lita was involved in a storyline with Kane and Matt Hardy (who was her real-life and on-screen boyfriend at the time). The Big Red Monster became obsessed with Lita and kidnapped her on May 3, 2004. Kane was long gone by the time Hardy found Lita backstage.

On June 14, 2004, Lita's pregnancy test returned positive, and on June 21, 2004, Hardy planned on proposing to Lita. At this point, Kane appeared on the jumbotron to reveal it was actually his baby and not Matt Hardy's.

Hardy eventually went up against Kane with the stipulation that Lita would have to marry the match's winner. The Red Machine married Lita after defeating Matt Hardy, but the pregnancy ended with a miscarriage.

#2 Lacey Evans (real-life)

In 2021, Lacey Evans and Ric Flair were involved in a romantic storyline after Flair chose Evans as his protege over Charlotte Flair. As the storyline progressed, Charlotte Flair became frustrated with her father while Evans enjoyed her new-found romance.

On an episode of Monday Night RAW, Lacey Evans announced she was pregnant, and the storyline ended with Ric Flair being announced as the father. However, Evans was actually pregnant, expecting her second child with her husband, Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec.

#1 Mae Young (kayfabe)


Mae Young, one of the most influential women in pro-wrestling history, appeared on WWE TV along with The Fabulous Moolah in 1999.

During that run, she was involved in a storyline with Mark Henry. They surprisingly developed a romantic relationship in kayfabe. It was an extremely bizarre angle with little foundation, but most of it allegedly stemmed from WWE trying to push Henry out of his multi-year deal.

Mark Henry later claimed they had an announcement to make, and Mae Young revealed she was pregnant. While the duo was overjoyed, everyone else was shocked and somewhat speechless by the information.

The storyline took a troubling and confusing turn when Mae Young's delivery date arrived. Instead of a child, Young gave birth to an adult hand. Even Mark Henry doesn't know why the Vince McMahon-led creative team developed such a storyline.

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