Five wrestlers that the WWE should bring back


From hitting the lowest ratings in 15 years to seeking seat filler for the events, WWE has been experiencing a dark age in the recent years. There is no doubt about the talent that the company possesses but the lack of main event superstars might be the problem that the creative team is facing when looking to bring out crowd pulling storylines. And WWE has come to a stage when WrestleMania is the only event to look forward to. Vince McMahon should definitely pull out a good looking rabbit out of the hat to keep the company afloat so here’s a look at the possible superstars, whose returns could give the company another dimension.

5. Jeff Hardy

WWE Stars Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy Sign Autographs at Bookends Bookstore in Ridgewood, New Jersey

It might be a bit unfair for the younger talent in the company but the return of Hardy could offer many new possibilities for the creative team. He is not one of those big main event wrestlers but Hardy definitely is someone who can make the crowd roar both with the microphone and his fly flying style. It will be interesting to see Hardy being put up against the lights of Daniel Bryan and Rob Van Dam and WWE will not have to look further to end their mid-card crisis if they could snatch this guy from TNA.

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