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5 Wrestlers who can retire John Cena

Vatsal Rathod
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How long before the leader of Cenation decides to call it a day?
How long before the leader of Cenation decides to call it a day?

John Cena is arguably one of the biggest stars in WWE history to ever step foot in the ring. Such is his stature, that even fans who hate him respect him for what he is and what he represents.

His WWE career is full of accomplishments with him being a 16-time World Champion, the highest in the history tieing with "the Nature Boy" Ric Flair. He also has won the Royal Rumble twice, has been Mr. Money in the Bank, has held The United States Championship, Tag Team Championship, and so much more. The list just goes on and on.

The Champ is also known as one of the best mic workers in the business, being compared to the likes of Paul Heyman and The Rock, who themselves are the masters of manipulating the crowd.

But with age not on his side, and his recent shift to Hollywood, fans are wondering - how long before Mr. Hustle Loyalty Respect decides to hang up his boots? More than that, who will be the one to get the honor to retire one of the most celebrated names in the history of WWE and pro wrestling, John Cena?

In this article, let's take a look at the 5 Wrestlers/Superstars who can be the one to retire John Cena. Do let us know who do you think is the most worthy to do it in the comments section.

#5 Drew McIntyre

Will the Scottish Psychopath end John Cena's career?
Will the Scottish Psychopath end John Cena's career?

Ever since his return to WWE, Drew McIntyre has been portrayed as a heartless monster who just wants to achieve his goal of being the best.

He pretty much single-handedly destroyed the Shield during the build-up of his match at WrestleMania (which he sadly lost). The future looks really bright for McIntyre, who many are predicting to win the Universal Championship soon.

Retiring someone like John Cena is a huge responsibility, and if done properly can result in the birth of a huge heel in WWE. And that heel could very well be Drew McIntyre. Pretty much how Brock rose to fame after beating The Undertaker's streak, Drew could become the next big thing if he does retire Cena.

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