5 WWE/AEW Superstars' wives you may not know were/are in the wrestling business

5 WWE/AEW Superstars' wives you may not know were/are in the wrestling business
5 WWE/AEW Superstars' wives you may not know were/are in the wrestling business

Several WWE/AEW Superstars are married to women who were, or still are, in the wrestling business. The wrestling industry is much more than a few in-ring performers. Thousands of men and women work together to put on shows.

Within the wrestling industry, many WWE and AEW superstars have tied the knot with fellow wrestlers. Others share their lives with women who are not in-ring performers, but do other jobs in the business.

Despite their husband's fame, some of these ladies are not well-known to pro wrestling fans. While a few of them stay away from the spotlight, others have made a few TV appearances in the past few years.

Here are five WWE/AEW Superstars' wives you may not know were/are in the wrestling business.

#5. AEW Star Dustin Rhodes – Ta-rel Marie Runnels

AEW Star Dustin Rhodes (F.K.A. Goldust) married multiple times. His first wife was former WWE Superstar Terri Runnels. They tied the knot in 1993 and divorced six years later. In 2002, he married Milena Martelloni, but the marriage lasted only a year.

Nine years later, Rhodes tied the knot for the third time. His third wife, Ta-rel Marie Runnels, is currently working in the wrestling business. Although she is not an in-ring performer, Runnels is the president and director of Kayfabe Entertainment, which provides management services for entertainment personalities.

According to her Facebook profile, Rhodes' wife is also the co-owner of Rhodes Wrestling Academy, where her husband trains new talents. Rhodes and his wife launched the Academy earlier this year.

Last March, Rhodes Wrestling Academy presented its first live showcase event, where the AEW Star's wife served as a ring announcer. In an interview with WrestleZone, Rhodes revealed that he's running the business together his wife.

Rhodes is currently an active in-ring competitor in AEW. However, he plans to retire soon.

"Here I am today at 51, having the time of my life in the twilight of my career, just a couple two, three more years before I hang it up but right now man, AEW and my wrestling academy is just — I’m having a lot of fun. It’s exhausting, but it’s fun. I love it," he said on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling show.

Rhodes recently lost to Malakai Black on the September 8 episode of AEW Dynamite. Black's victory broke Rhodes' winning streak that lasted four consecutive matches.

#4. WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels – Rebecca Curci

Shawn Michaels is a WWE legend and Hall of Famer. Nonetheless, many fans might not know that Michaels' wife was also in the wrestling business.

The Heartbreak Kid married Rebecca Curci in March 1999. Less than two years earlier, Curci was taking her first step in the wrestling industry. She debuted on World Championship Wrestling in September 1997 as Whisper of the Nitro girls.

The Nitro Girls were a dance team that performed dance routines to entertain the live crowds on WCW Nitro.

Michaels liked Curci after seeing her on TV. A friend of his then introduced them. They spent two years dating before tying the knot. After their marriage, Curci left WCW and retired.

In the following years, Curci made a few appearances on WWE alongside her husband. Her most memorable appearance came in 2008 when Michaels was feuding with Chris Jericho. During a segment, Jericho accidentally punched Curci. She was hurt for real and suffered a bruised lip. Jericho later apologized to the couple backstage.

The former Nitro Girl also attended several WWE shows to support her husband, and accompanied him to a few Hall of Fame ceremonies. She has appeared in a few WWE documentaries, too.

Shawn Michaels is currently a coach at the WWE Performance Center. He is also Triple H's right-hand man in NXT.

#3. AEW Star Q.T. Marshall – Carolyn Fazio-Cuellari

AEW's Q.T. Marshall began his wrestling career nearly a decade and a half ago. His wife, Carolyn Fazio-Cuellari, is also in the wrestling business, but not as an in-ring competitor.

Fazio-Cuellari is the Manager of Nightmare Factory. Nightmare Factory is a wrestling training facility owned by AEW Star Cody Rhodes, former WCW Star Glacier, Q.T. Marshall, and his wife.

In an interview with Voyage ATL, Marshall's wife revealed how she ended up managing a wrestling school.

"Let’s just say it started with a dream… not necessarily my dream but my husbands', which in the long run ended up being a dream job for me. He had this idea of opening up a wrestling school and one morning woke up and said, 'We’re moving to Georgia!' The struggle and grind were real, but as a team, we made this a reality," she said.

In addition to being a manager, Fazio-Cuellari is also Nightmare Factory's nutritionist. She holds a BS in Science/Nutritional Science and Dietetics from Rutgers University. She is currently a squared circle nutritionist, as she describes herself on Instagram.

Fazio-Cuellari spoke about the responsibilities of her job and how she helps wrestlers reach their body goals.

"I, Carolyn Cuellari help run my husband’s business, in addition, I am the on-site nutritionist. I customize meal plans according to each athlete’s goals and assist in making better and healthier alternatives," she added in her interview with Voyage ATL.

Q.T Marshall is currently a regular competitor in AEW. Earlier this year, he joined forces with Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto, and Anthony Ogogo to create a new stable called The Factory.

#2. AEW Star Jack Hager – Catalina Hager

AEW's Jack Hager is married to a woman who once worked in the business. Hager's wife, Catalina, was originally a model before signing a developmental contract with WWE in 2008.

Catalina's the only wife on this list to compete inside the ring. She had one FCW match before getting released from her WWE contract in 2009.

Hager and Catalina first met while working for WWE. They tied the knot in 2010. After her release, Catalina occasionally wrestled in different promotions.

Catalina now seems to have put her wrestling days behind her. She is currently a model and Pilates instructor. Hager's wife also has her own fitness app.

Although she no longer wrestles, Catalina made a few non-wrestling appearances alongside her husband on AEW last year. The couple also posts funny videos of them wrestling against each other at home.


Hager has not competed in AEW since last July. On the July 7 episode of Dynamite, he teamed up with Ortiz & Santana to face Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood, and Wardlow but came up short.

#1. WWE Superstar Shane McMahon – Marissa Mazzola

The McMahon family owns WWE, the biggest pro-wrestling promotion in the world. Hence, it might not be a surprise to learn that Shane McMahon's wife used to work in the wrestling business.

Vince McMahon's son is a minority owner in WWE. His wife, Marissa Mazzola, also worked in the company several years ago.

Mazzola worked in a few different roles, including director of public relations. She co-hosted WWF/E LiveWire between 1999 and 2000. LiveWire was an interactive show that started airing in the mid-1990s to 2001. It summarized WWE's weekly events and featured interviews with WWE Superstars and personalities. The show also allowed fans to phone or send in questions to in-studio guests.

A few years later, Mazzola turned her attention to film production. She founded Kamala Films in 2005, and has participated in producing several movies, including A Private War and Anamorph. Shane's wife is now working on two new movies.

Shane and Mazzola tied the knot in 1996. The couple has three sons. Mazzola has attended a few WWE events in the past few years, including the WWE Hall of Fame.

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