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5 WWE Superstars who are great as both heels and faces

  • It's these types of stars that help carry WWE through any period.
  • There's a reason why some stars are loved more than others, regardless of alignment.
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Modified 17 Jun 2020, 03:39 IST
Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens

This is just this writer's opinion, but to me, the true sign of being a great performer in professional wrestling is the ability to be both a great heel and a great face. The word "performer" is the operative word, as it allows a WWE Superstar to tweak their act in order to fit with their current persona.

Heel or face turns are often done when a character has become stale or when there isn't a balance between the two sides with a given roster. But once again, the best stars and wrestlers are able to pull off both sides of the coin.

Some WWE Superstars are better suited to remain heels for the duration of their careers. People like King Corbin and Charlotte Flair are just natural heels due to size, genetics and ability. On the flip side, WWE Superstars like Chad Gable or Apollo Crews seems better suited for sticking as a face due to size (Gable) or natural likability (Crews). A lot of the ability to successfully pull off both roles is due to mic skills and/or character traits.

Most of the current WWE roster have jockeyed between heel and face over the last few years. Some, like Corbin, have been the usual heel, but the best performers in WWE have played both sides in their careers and done so wonderfully. Here are five WWE stars who can believably portray either a heel and face character.

#5. Sami Zayn

Smug Sami was a nice change from the Underdog of the Underground.
Smug Sami was a nice change from the Underdog of the Underground.

Throughout his time in NXT and his initial run on the main roster, Sami Zayn was the "Never Say Die" type of babyface. He'd stand up to anyone - including a heel Braun Strowman - and was a face that the WWE Universe could get behind.

Since that run as a good guy didn't lead him to any titles, Zayn turned heel to help out his old friend Kevin Owens in his feud against Shane McMahon and later Daniel Bryan. The turn helped showcase the Great Liberator's wit and strength as a mic worker. The best heels offer up some truth behind their words and Zayn did just that as he chastised faces and the fans. Some people would rather complain about their problems rather than fix them and Zayn would call fans out for that.

His work as the Great Liberator finally lead him to some main roster gold, although he was recently stripped of the Intercontinental Championship.. The former Underdog of the Underground has shown that he can brilliantly pull off either character, whether it's undying underdog or arrogant heel. That's the sign of a great performer.

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Published 17 Jun 2020, 03:39 IST
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