5 WWE stars who majored in surprising subjects in college

  • Plenty of WWE Superstars went to college before hitting the ring.
  • Some of those stars, however, earned degrees you might not have expected.
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The Genius
The Genius

It's not uncommon for WWE to play up one of their star's college experience as part of their character. Stars such as Chris Nowinski, Jack Swagger, David Otunga, and even Brock Lesnar wore their college pedigree on their sleeves when first debuting - in Nowinski's case, almost literally. WWE will even mention a wrestler's higher education once they've outgrown their original gimmick - it was years before the company recognized Dolph Ziggler's amazing college wrestling career but they eventually did it.

Chris Nowinski went to Harvard, if you hadn
Chris Nowinski went to Harvard, if you hadn't heard.

Just because WWE doesn't acknowledge the scholastic credentials of their other stars, however, doesn't mean they don't have them. While sports entertainment is a lucrative business if you can succeed in it, many have found it prudent to get a college degree before getting started. Which is not unwise. Sometimes that education went on to help them with various aspects of the wrestling business - and sometimes it doesn't come into play at all.

You know, kind of how life in general works.

So, here are 5 WWE Superstars who grabbed college degrees in majors that you might not have expected.

#5 Mandy Rose - Speech Pathology

Mandy Rose and Otis
Mandy Rose and Otis

When Mandy Rose first started in WWE, many people - myself included, I'll admit - figured her hiring was a throwback to the days of the Divas. While her stunning good looks are certainly a trademark of hers (heck, she's even a former Maxim cover model), they belie her other, much more impressive talents.

Before entering the world of WWE, Mandy worked as a fitness model and in bodybuilding. While that's certainly impressive - I mean, I can't do that - it's her college education that really helps her stand out. Mandy Rose has a bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology, a medical field that helps patients recover from communication difficulties, such as stuttering, as well as social communication issues, like talking too softly or standing too close to someone while talking. You know, like a typical Seinfeld episode.

She also received her degree from the prestigious Iona College in New York, whose other alumni include M*A*S*H* actor Bud Court, "American Pie" singer Don McLean, and former White House Communications director and no relation to me Kevin Sullivan.

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