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Rick Ucchino

Rick is a 10 year broadcasting professional based out of Cincinnati, OH. He's currently the Morning News Anchor for the top rated news station in the United States; News Radio 700WLW.

He is also a talk show host for iHeartRadio's sister station ESPN 1530. Rick does fill in work on the local sports talk shows, but is also the Host and Executive Producer for No Holds Barred Live every Tuesday night at 6pm EST.

The show is the only one in Cincinnati devoted 100% to professional wrestling and has featured a number of high profile guests including: Mick Foley, Mark Henry, Jim Ross, King Baron Corbin, Natalya, Brie Bella, Al Snow, Darren Young, Jimmy Wang Yang, and Kelly Klein.

Rick has a passion for professional wrestling and is thrilled to be able to cover the sport he loves here at Sportskeeda.

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