5 WWE Superstars who married other wrestlers' brothers

5 WWE Superstars who married other wrestlers' brothers
5 WWE Superstars who married other wrestlers' brothers

Several WWE women have married their colleagues' brothers over the past few decades.

In a previous article, we took a look at six superstars who have married their colleagues' sisters in the past few years with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Neidhart being an example. He tied the knot with Bret and Owen Hart's sister, Elizabeth, in 1979. They remained together for 39 years until Neidhart passed away in 2018.

Likewise, a few female WWE Superstars have married their colleagues' brothers. While some of these couples have already parted ways, others are still together. A few of them are still even active on the WWE roster today.

Here are five WWE Superstars who married other wrestlers' brothers.

#5. WWE Superstar Naomi

Naomi joined WWE in 2009, the same year Jimmy Uso and his twin brother, Jey, signed with the company. The former SmackDown Women's Champion and Jimmy first met at the WWE Performance Center.

During an appearance on MTV in 2018, Jimmy disclosed the details of his first encounter with Naomi.

"We met at the school where we trained. At the first time she walked in, so my dad wrestles, so I heard she was a fan of my dad (...) I walked up to her I was like 'Yo, you ever heard of Rikishi?' She was like 'Yeah! (...) man, I can't stand that dude, he is like one of the worst wrestlers. That dude sucks' And she kinda just looked at me and she just walked off. At the practice, I walked up to her and 'Yo man, I was just trying to do small talk. You know, that's my dad. I heard you were a fan of his, so I'm here, I just wanna introduce myself." She is like 'Well, you should've just said that instead of saying all that stupid ****," he said.

Despite Naomi and Jimmy's awkward first meeting, they later fell in love and dated. The couple tied the knot in January 2014 and will celebrate their eighth anniversary in a few days.

The couple have teamed up in several matches between 2013 and 2018. They, alongside Jimmy's brother, are currently active on SmackDown. The Usos now hold the SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

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#4. Former WWE ring announcer Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes (FKA Eden) first joined WWE in March 2011. Nonetheless, she left nine months later. She then returned to Vince McMahon's company in 2013.

During her second run, Brandi met and fell in love with former WWE Superstar Goldust's brother, Cody Rhodes. In an interview with Wrestling Inc, the former WWE ring announcer and backstage interviewer disclosed how she and Cody started dating.

"We started dating randomly. I had been there for a minute, and Cody hadn’t really shown much interest in me at all, so it wasn’t something that I had thought about, and then all of a sudden, he became extremely fascinated with me (...) Finally he started asking me to come hang out with him and I said no many times because it’s a work environment and I was new at the time and was not looking to rock the boat by getting into this romance, but all along I definitely did want to go out with him. I was very into him, but it took a while. It probably took around a month for me to go out with him, and after that the rest is, as they say, history," she said.

Cody and Brandi dated for a few months before tying the knot in September 2013. Last June, they welcomed their first daughter, Liberty Iris Runnels.

The couple left WWE in 2016. They then competed in a few promotions before joining All Elite Wrestling in 2019. Cody's brother also signed with Tony Khan's company that same year.

Cody and Brandi are both currently active in AEW. The former Intercontinental Champion is also AEW's Executive Vice President, while his wife is the Chief Brand Officer.

#3. Former WWE NXT Superstar Sarah Backman

Sarah Backman (FKA Shara) signed with WWE in March 2013 and reported directly to NXT, where she first met Bo Dallas. He was then one of the top stars on the brand. His brother, Bray Wyatt, was also on the NXT roster.

Backman and Dallas fell in love and dated for a few months during their NXT days. Although Backman left WWE and retired from professional wrestling in April 2014, the couple's relationship continued. They tied the knot just two months later, in June 2014.

Dallas and Backman's marriage lasted for only five years and the couple divorced in 2019.

Despite spending nearly 13 months in WWE, Bray Wyatt's ex-sister-in-law never had a match on NXT. Meanwhile, her ex-husband went on to win several championships. Dallas is a former NXT Champion, RAW Tag Team Champion, and 24/7 Champion.

WWE released Dallas from his contract last April after nearly two years of absence from in-ring competition. His final match came at Crown Jewel in 2019 when he teamed up with Curtis Axel to participate in the World Cup tag team turmoil match. However, they got eliminated by The New Day.

#2. Former WWE Host & Director of Public Relations Marissa Mazzola

Marissa Mazzola worked in a few roles in WWE several years ago. The current film producer co-hosted WWF/E LiveWire between 1999 and 2000. She also worked as WWE Director of Public Relations.

The 48-year-old is currently married to Vince McMahon's son and Stephanie McMahon's brother, Shane. The couple first met when they were children. They then started dating during their teenage days. Mazzola and McMahon tied the knot in 1996 and have been together ever since. They now have three sons.

In the late 1990s, Shane became a regular competitor in WWE. He shared the ring with several WWE legends, including The Rock, The Undertaker, and Kurt Angle. He also teamed up with his sister to face Lita and The Big Show in 2000. However, they lost the bout.

Shane O'Mac left his father's company in 2009 as a former European and Hardcore Champion. Nonetheless, he returned seven years later to play different on-screen and backstage roles.

After his comeback, Shane won the WWE World Cup and the SmackDown Tag Team Titles, alongside The Miz. However, according to recent reports, Shane is no longer under a WWE contract.

#1. Former WWE Superstar Jackie Gayda

Charlie Haas and his brother, Russ, signed with WWE in 2000 after competing for a few years on the independent circuit. However, Russ tragically passed away a year later due to heart failure.

In 2002, Charlie made his main roster debut. That same year, Jackie Gayda joined WWE after winning the second season of Tough Enough. The two met two years later on SmackDown after Gayda moved from RAW to the blue brand in the WWE Draft Lottery. The pair then fell in love with each other and started dating.

In an interview with WWE.com, Gayda disclosed how her relationship with Charlie began.

"After the trade, I was in shambles. I had all these friends from RAW and now I was going to a new show. I had just broken up with a longtime boyfriend. It was like I woke up a different person. But then I was able to meet Charlie and I was able to get to know him and travel the world together, I wouldn't give any of that back. God does things for certain reasons," she said.

The couple announced their engagement in September 2004 and tied the knot a year later. They now have four children. Nevertheless, Charlie and Gayda divorced two years ago after fifteen years of marriage.

The 2002 Tough Enough winner retired from professional wrestling nearly a decade ago. Meanwhile, her ex-husband is still an active wrestler. He has competed in several promotions over the past year, including Dogg Pound Championship Wrestling and Southwest Wrestling Entertainment. Charlie Haas is currently the SWE Heavyweight Champion.

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