5 WWE Superstars who could be revealed as Alexa Bliss' new friend Lilly

Paige (left); Alexa Bliss (right)
Paige (left); Alexa Bliss (right)
Vatsal Rathod

Alexa Bliss has been one of the best things about WWE TV, especially on Monday Night RAW, in the last few months. Her transition from being a bubbly babyface to joining hands with 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt and now to this sinister dark force has been something very unique. After WrestleMania 37, Bliss has now added another new layer to her character in the form of Lilly - her new friend.

Lilly is a scary-looking doll that makes Alexa Bliss do all the evil things. As of now, there is still a lot of uncertainty around her. Some fans think Lilly is an alter-ego of Bliss and the latter could transform into her in the future, much like how Bray Wyatt transforms into The Fiend.

However, another interesting idea is for WWE to bring Lilly to life with a WWE Superstar playing the character on TV, either teaming up with Alexa Bliss or managing her in some way. If WWE does plan to go down that path, here are five possible superstars who could play the role of Lilly. Comment down and let us know your thoughts on the same.

#5 Nikki Cross joins hands with Alexa Bliss again

Nikki Cross has been highly involved with Alexa Bliss over the last couple of years. The two have been a successful team, winning the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships twice.

Interestingly, Cross was also involved in the storyline where Bliss was slowly tapping into the dark side with The Fiend. She tried to save her friend but was unsuccessful in the end. However, there could be a major twist in the tale, with WWE revealing her as Lilly, the true source of Alexa Bliss' darkness.

Fans who are familiar with Nikki Cross' work as the twisted sister of the faction SAnitY know how good she could be for such a role. She was one of the top candidates speculated by fans to play Sister Abigail. While that didn't happen, she could bring the character of Lilly to life. From the looks of it, Lilly could be for Alexa Bliss what Sister Abigail was for Bray Wyatt.

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