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5 WWE Superstars that could be the next John Cena

J. Carpenter
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Crews might be the one to carry the banner!

When it comes to John Cena, there's a definitive line in the sand. On one side, everyone loves him. On the other side, they hate him. Or at least they claim to hate him, but that's a completely different can of worms, which we will open another day.

Regardless of which side you stand on, both share one thing in common, they respect John Cena. Cena is the product of someone who came into the professional wrestling industry, worked tirelessly, took advantage of each and every single opportunity that was placed in front of him until he, eventually became the mega-star we all know him as today.

John Cena has exceeded any expectations that could've ever been placed on him. In fact, when the wrestling history books are re-written, there's a very good chance that John Cena will be recognised as the most polarising figure in professional wrestling history. 

It's obvious that John Cena has been a cash cow for the WWE. Every time his face appears on an episode of Saturday Night Live, SportsCenter, or any other television program, the money rolls in. WWE makes a killing off Cena action figures, shirts, hats, photos or anything else with his face on it.

John Cena is much more than just another WWE Superstar, he's a brand. He's a brand that has turned iconic, with no signs of slowing down, whatsoever. 

Part of what makes John Cena so great is his appeal with the younger audience. I firmly believe that he alone is the reason for the PG Era. Sure, he has some adult fans, but it's blatantly obvious that his bread and butter is his connection with the youth.

Vince and the WWE rely heavily on Cena's ability to draw these fans, and the revenue that their parents spend on WWE merchandise, as well as tickets. Once Cena is gone, there will be a gigantic void, which absolutely must be filled. But, the question is, who fills this enormous void?

There will never be an exact duplicate to John Cena. Sure, there will always be good guys, the ones who do charity events and fulfil Make-A-Wish requests, but never will there be another who will do so on the level that Cena has done.

However, there's still that need to attempt to fill those shoes, with someone who will represent the company in a positive light, while continuing to ring the cash registers. Here's a look at five current WWE Superstars that could potentially become the next John Cena.


#5 Sami Zayn 

It's hard not to adore Sami Zayn.

Sami is one of wrestling’s good guys. Not just figuratively, but Sami is legitimately a great guy, both in and out of the ring. Prior to signing with the WWE, Sami had a pretty significant following of El Generic fanatics. Once he signed and fans learned of the name change, it turned some people off.

To be honest, there's a select group of indie fans who simply detest everything about the WWE, and no matter if their favourite guy signs or not, they just do not like the company and never will. Despite the few who fell off, Sami still carried a great legion of die-hard fans with him to the WWE.

Sami already has the marketable presence needed to even think about filling Cena's shoes. His mic skills improved tremendously while in NXT as well. He possesses that unique gift of being able to captivate the audience, from the time he hits the entrance ramp to the time he exits the building.

Sami will just need to sharpen up his overall body of work slightly if he wants to be considered in such a category. He's already solid in the ring, and he has also proved his ability to carry a match with anyone, including a monster like Braun Strowman.

Sami might need some more mass on his bones, as well as a few more ounces of self-confidence, but he's well on his way to being a huge, main event calibre star. Will that translate into a Cena-ish run...only time will tell.

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