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5 WWE Superstars the Miz is friends with in real life

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Published 19 Jan 2017, 13:11 IST
19 Jan 2017, 13:11 IST
The Miz is very different when the camera’s aren’t rolling!

Enemies on TV and friends off it. The world beyond the realms of kayfabe rivalries are where feuds get put to bed and friendships are reconvened. Characters on the screen can often be an extension of a wrestler's real life personality or perhaps the complete opposite of the person.

The Miz is the perfect example of this theory, on-screen he's a selfish, self-entitled & fame-hungry heel, off-screen he’s caring, charismatic and friendly.  

For those who may not know, the Miz is a pretty swell guy and he's genuinely well-liked backstage. I know his heel persona is annoying as hell but off camera, he's adored by his peers. It’s due to his complex character that he’s made several of the most unlikely friends backstage.

Here are 5 WWE superstars that the Miz is friends with in real life.

#5 CM Punk

The Miz and CM Punk on Monday Night Raw
The Miz won his first championship in 2009

On screen, the two were never deemed as compatible but behind the scenes, they found common ground that made them like each other. During a press run in Abu Dhabi, the Miz revealed that he and Punk had become close over the past six years of being on the road together.

Despite having different in-ring styles and personas, the Miz was one of Punk's best companions. The paths that the two took on their way to the WWE are completely contrasting.

Punk made his way through the indies and got signed to OVW in 2005, while The Miz first appeared on WWE television through the fourth season of Tough Enough in 2004 where he made it to the final round and was rewarded with a developmental contract in Deep South Wrestling. He was brushed with the 'reality TV' guy tag for years to follow.

The two were perceived as outsiders because of their relatively slim sizes in the land of the giants. It’s through this outsider mentality that they were able to connect. Both debuted at similar times and won their first Championships in the same year. I have no idea whether the two still keep in contact today but I'm definitely sure they will still be on good terms.

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