5 WWE Superstars who unfortunately endured messy divorces 

Several WWE stars have gone through messy divorces
Several WWE stars have gone through messy divorces

WWE Superstars are globally recognizable athletes, which means that their lives both on and off-screen make headlines all over the world.

Many stars take advantage of this and allow their engagement and wedding to be shared publicly, but with all of the positive updates, there are obviously negative ones too.

The following list looks at just five current and former WWE Superstars whose divorces got nasty and went on to be well-documented by the public.

#5. WWE legend Hulk Hogan

Hulk and Linda Hogan were married for more than two decades when their union came to an end back in 2007. It was Linda who filed the divorce papers when she found out that the former WWE Champion had cheated on her. After a lengthy battle, the divorce was finalized two years later in 2009, but things definitely got a little messy.

According to Bleacher Report, Linda came out of the divorce with most of the couple's assets.

"Linda reportedly got over $7 million from the couple’s investment accounts, while he got less than $3 million. On top of that, she got a $3 million property settlement, and she gained control over 40% of his companies. Indeed, he had to sell some of his homes to pay the nearly $1.5 million that he owed her due to this settlement." via Cheatsheet.

The settlement didn't end there, with Linda even taking the money that Hogan was making from appearances and the majority of the couple's cars.

"Furthermore, she gained ownership over the majority of his cars. Those cars included a Mercedes-Benz, a Chevy Corvette, and a Rolls-Royce. While he was clearly the loser of this settlement, there were some positives for him. He did get to keep a few cars and didn’t have to pay alimony. Additionally, he gets to keep 100% of the money that he makes from making personal appearances."

Hogan later confessed that he became suicidal following his divorce but has since been able to push his career forward and become financially stable once again.

“Obviously I didn’t kill myself, but I came damn close.” via People.

#4. John Cena

John Cena is one of the best-known stars in WWE and it was well-known that he was in a six-year relationship with Nikki Bella ahead of their split in 2018. Before Cena was linked to the former Total Divas star, he was married to Elizabeth Huberdeau from 2009 until 2012.

The couple were high school sweethearts, but after just three years of marriage, their life together came to an end after some remodeling in their home cost them too much money and created a host of issues.

"The reason for the divorce appeared to be their disagreement over the modeling of their new house which went wrong, and John refused to pay the contractor, owing him around $110,000." according to Biography-media.

Their divorce was finalized in 2012 and Cena has since gone on re-marry with Shay Shariatzadeh becoming his second wife in 2020.

#3. Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is currently one of WWE's biggest stars, but there was a time when the former Champion came through the ranks in the company and his divorce from his first wife had quite the impact on his career.

The couple married in May 2010 and the cracks in their marriage began to show immediately after Tiffany Terrell was suspended by WWE following an incident at a hotel room mere months later. Tiffany was arrested and later released from the company following the incident, which had quite an impact on their marriage.

After just a year of marriage, the couple announced their separation in May 2011. McIntyre has since gone on to marry for a second time, tying the knot with Kaitlyn Frohnapfel back in 2016.

#2. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is a former Divas Champion in WWE and requested her release back in 2014 so that she could focus on planning her wedding. The former star married PJ Braun just months later and the couple went on to start several businesses together.

Just three years later, Kaitlyn announced that she was separating from her husband. This caused her a number of issues after she revealed at the time that she was locked out of her own clothing website, Celestial Bodies.

Kaitlyn has since removed the Instagram posts, but it was noted that Braun took control of her website and caused her a whole host of issues.

"She states that she and her husband attempted to keep things amicable, however, the aforementioned Braun decided to cease control of her Celestial Bodiez website which has led to some problems." via Sportskeeda.

The former star's divorce was finalized several months later and she was finally able to take back control of her website a few days later.

#1. Current WWE Superstar Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle got his name back this week on RAW and fellow star Seth Rollins decided to take a step out of kayfabe and mentioned his recent divorce as part of their storyline.

Riddle and his wife Lisa were together for more than a decade when they announced that they had split in 2020. The couple has since battled their way through a nasty divorce after several allegations came to light regarding Riddle and an Independent wrestler.

His wife announced that their divorce had been finalized back in May and it appears that Riddle has already moved on.

"It's been exactly one month since the judge signed the paperwork and our divorce was finalized. The kids and I are enjoying our new adventure, and are grateful for everyone that's been by our side through all of this." via ComicBook.

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