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6 Surprising WWE pairings that worked

Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman
Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman
Rohit Nath
Modified 24 Dec 2020, 08:49 IST
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Odd pairings in WWE have been a thing for a long time now. It isn't recent, but many have worked better than the others. These six examples showcase odd WWE pairings who had an enjoyable run together, even if it was for a short while:

#6. Kane and Daniel Bryan - Two unlikely WWE stars become Tag Team Champions

An unexpectedly memorable tag team
An unexpectedly memorable tag team

Team Hell No is one of WWE's most beloved odd-pairing tag teams of the last decade. While they weren't the first nor last odd pairing, they worked out better than most.

It was a different phase of Kane's career, and he started going to anger management classes. The entire anger management angle began with Daniel Bryan losing his cool, and AJ Lee pushing him to attend the classes hosted by Dr. Shelby.

In a memorable set of segments, Daniel Bryan and Kane would start to pair up, despite both men being as hot-headed as could be. They won the WWE Tag Team Championship early on by defeating Kofi Kingston and R-Truth at Night of Champions 2012.

They had a great and enjoyable run together, even successfully defending the tag team titles at WrestleMania 29. While they wouldn't last a full year together, it turned out to be the catalyst for Daniel Bryan's meteoric rise in WWE in 2013-2014.

Had it not been for Team Hell No, Bryan would likely have not gained the momentum needed to become the hottest star in WWE at the time. Kane and Daniel Bryan's odd pairing turned out to be surprisingly great, and even fans who weren't happy with The Big Red Machine's direction felt that this was the best work he had done in years.

It worked out well because there were two WWE stars, veterans in their own right, who played off each other and helped elevate their partner. The comedic timing of their segments definitely helped, and they reunited five years later at Extreme Rules 2018 - losing to The Bludgeon Brothers.

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Published 24 Dec 2020, 08:49 IST
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