6 WWE Superstars who have been married three times or more

The Undertaker with Michelle McCool (left) and Edge with Beth Phoenix (right)
The Undertaker with Michelle McCool (left) and Edge with Beth Phoenix (right)

#3. WWE legend The Undertaker

Nearly a year before joining WWE in 1990, The Undertaker tied the knot for the first time with Jodi Lynn. In 1993, the couple welcomed their first child, Gunner Vincent. Nevertheless, they split in 1999.

A year after his divorce, The Deadman married his second wife, Sara Frank. The couple's marriage lasted for about seven years, during which they had two daughters, Chasey and Gracie. In 2007, The Undertaker and Frank parted ways.

After his second divorce, The Undertaker fell in love with Michelle McCool. During his The Last Ride documentary, The Phenom revealed what attracted him to the former Divas Champion.

“I was attracted to her desire to be better and her work ethic. It was not the blue eyes, blonde hair, kicking body. I never seen a girl throw a football like that," he said.

McCool and The Undertaker tied the knot in 2010 and welcomed their first daughter, Kaia Faith, two years later. Last June, the couple celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary.

The Undertaker and his third wife are both currently retired from in-ring action. However, the former Divas Champion recently returned to the ring to participate in the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble match. She entered the bout at number 10 and lasted for nearly 21 minutes before getting eliminated by Mickie James.

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