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7 Mistakes WWE made in 2019

Vatsal Rathod
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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:17 IST

Most of these could have been avoided!
Most of these could have been avoided!

2019 has been one of the most interesting ones for the business as well as the millions (and millions!) of WWE fans all across the globe. There was a lot to like about the WWE programming this year. From two well-deserved fan favorites winning the Royal Rumble to the Women's Division reaching new heights, to the birth of a creatively genius gimmick and the rise of NXT, WWE had its fair share of successes.

As is the case with everything, however, there was the other side of the coin that saw the company make some horrible mistakes that did hurt them or could hurt them in the future. With the emergence of their biggest rival in years in All Elite Wrestling, WWE will likely want to learn from these errors in an effort to produce a better product in the coming year.

What mistakes are we talking about? Well, let's dive deep into seven of the biggest mistakes WWE made in 2019. Feel free to comment down below and let us know if we missed anything that should have been here.

#7 Wild Card Rule

The Internet Wrestling Community has been very vocal about their displeasure towards many of Vince McMahon's decisions over the years. While the WWE CEO wasn't seen on WWE TV very much this year, one of his RAW appearances made highlights for all the wrong reasons.

What was hyped up as a special announcement this May on RAW turned out to be one of the biggest disasters of the year! The Wild Card Rule, as he named it, allowed 3-4 Superstars each week from both RAW and SmackDown to appear on the other brand. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before this new Vince McMahon special started to rip apart the very essence of a brand split.

Many were of the thought that this rule was made to assure top Superstars like Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, etc would appear on both brands to keep the ratings in check. Dual appearances from these top stars meant lesser opportunities for others. Moreover, this rule got out of hand soon thereafter as even 6-7 Superstars were seen jumping brands on a weekly basis.

Thankfully, SmackDown's move to FOX brought an end to this rule!

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Published 20 Dec 2019, 23:42 IST
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