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7 underwhelming WWE returns

These didn
These didn't go so well
David Cullen
Modified 29 Mar 2021
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When a beloved superstar leaves WWE or is fired, it is always a near heartbreaking moment for many fans. The only ever upside to this is seeing that said superstar(s) return to WWE one day.

Over the years we have seen so many big and incredible returns. Superstars such as The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, The Hardy Boyz and many more have given us some memorable moments. especially when they all return to big angles and matches. However it isn't always as great as it looks on paper. Sometimes WWE will bring back a former big star and book them in a way befitting someone of a much lower caliber.

They can even be lost in the shuffle or booked so badly that seeing them no longer thrills you and fans stop caring. Whether it be to very poor booking decisions or some other factors, here are those who I believe are the top 7 worst big time superstar returns to WWE.

#7 Rob Van Dam: 2013 - 2014

Wasn't even the whole damn pre-show

After being burned out for quite some time, Rob Van Dam left WWE in 2007 to take some time to heal up and pursue some other ventures outside of wrestling.

After wrestling for various independent promotions throughout 2008 and 2009, RVD joined TNA Wrestling in 2010 for a pretty successful three-year run. RVD would become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, X Division Champion and have many top feuds with AJ Styles, Sting, Jeff Hardy, Jerry Lynn and many more before departing in 2013.

Just a few months after his last TNA appearance, WWE began airing vignettes for RVD returning to WWE at the 2013 Money in the Bank event. Now, to be honest, I thought the first portion of RVD's return in 2013 actually fared off alright. He returned in the main event of Money in The Bank and would spend two months feuding with Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship, challenging him on two pay-per-views.

However, it is his second return which brings him to this list. RVD left WWE TV in October 2013 so WWE could still have some dates for him in 2014. RVD's return to TV just after WrestleMania in 2014 pretty much saw him take on almost near-jobber status. While he did have some wins here and there, he was mostly used to put over talent like Seth Rollins, Wade Barrett, Curtis Axel, Neville, Rusev, Cesaro and others, before finishing up in August.

RVD has since been wrestling throughout the independent scene.


RVD was in great physical shape during his return to the WWE and was still drawing huge pops from the crowd. However, it was a situation where there were too many midcarders in the WWE's ranks who were looking at being the next star and Van Dam did not feature in the creative team's plan.

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Published 29 Mar 2021, 14:27 IST
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