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8 Things about wrestling we believed when we were kids

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Growing up we didn't know much about behind the scenes as much as on-screen

Growing up as a fan of wrestling is the best thing that can happen to one's childhood. It's awesome to see bad guys going after good guys beating them by pulling out some tactics.

Remember "Stone Cold" Steve Austin laying a beat down on Vince McMahon in a hospital or Kane and The Undertaker battling their opponents as brothers, yes that was the most remarkable things that one kid would find no trouble to remember.

The things that were presented in front of us was enough to believe that those superstars have some real heat between them.

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But while witnessing those moments, we bought those storylines in a way that they felt so real that no one could argue about. Growing up we didn't know much about behind the scenes as much as on-screen. 

#8 No assistance during matches

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Wrestlers call their moves before they perform it on one another

When most of us saw wrestling for the first time in our childhood, we remember a wrestler putting down his/her opponent through a table and finally locking their finisher getting the 1-2-3-count.

While we saw it we believed that the two superstars were tearing each other apart without any cooperation of one another. Well, that wasn't the same case as we know now that all of the things that happened back then was scripted and pre-determined.

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It was all done just so the two superstars should stay safe for the better good of their own. A term we weren't familiar back then as we now are is calling. This means that one of the two wrestlers call his/her move first before performing it on another superstar.

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