AEW wrestler Chris Jericho's advice to WWE Superstar Dominik Mysterio revealed

Chris Jericho; Rey and Dominik Mysterio
Chris Jericho; Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio will make his debut this Sunday at SummerSlam 2020, as the 23-year-old will face Seth Rollins in his first match in WWE and pro wrestling. Mysterio has been quickly pushed to the main roster despite not wrestling before.

In his recent interview with ESPN, Dominik and Rey Mysterio spoke about various things, including his training before joining WWE. They revealed that Dominik first trained with his father for two months, before training under ROH wrestler Jay Lethal.

How Chris Jericho helped Dominik Mysterio

Following his training with the former IMPACT wrestler, current AEW wrestler Chris Jericho, adviced Dominik Mysterio to train under his friend and former WWE Superstar, Lance Storm.

"After three months with Lethal, Dominik was off to his next stop. Thanks to a recommendation from Rey's close friend Chris Jericho, Dominik left the United States to train with former WWE wrestler and acclaimed trainer Lance Storm in Calgary, Alberta."

Rey Mysterio praised Storm, and said that the former WWE wrestler and producer gave his son "the best words that I've ever heard a teacher give a student". Storm said that Dominik Mysterio "could do well in this job". He said that there was no preferential treatment given to Dominik just because he was the son of a legendary wrestler.

Lance Storm and Chris Jericho go way back, with the two having a friendship of around 30 years. Jericho recently revealed that he wants his last match in pro wrestling to be against Storm.

Dominik Mysterio will have to put all the experience he has gathered over the last few years to good effect this coming Sunday when he faces off against Seth Rollins. The young Superstar could potentially have a new ring name in the future, and he even revealed that he will don the mask in WWE. But, that won't happen at this weekend's SummerSlam.

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