Are Saraya (FKA Paige in WWE) and Mandy Rose still friends?

Absolution members, Mandy Rose and Saraya (Paige)
Absolution members, Mandy Rose and Saraya (Paige)

In 2017, Saraya (FKA Paige) aligned herself with Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose to form Absolution in WWE. Years later, it was clear from various interviews and recent social media interactions that the members are all still friends. However, Rose and the former star didn't start off as allies.

Mandy started her career in WWE after joining Tough Enough in 2015. Although her skills were enough to secure a contract, it wasn't enough for The Glampire. The current NXT Women's Champion opened up that due to her lack of experience in wrestling and her character on the show, she was judged by Saraya.

However, the creation of Absolution may have showcased Mandy's capabilities as a wrestler. Years later, Paige had nothing but praise for both members and claimed they improved a lot on the mic.

"They [Rose and Deville] actually text me because I would always do the promos for the two of them. One day it would just click, you still feel nervous, but one day it will click and you will feel comfortable with your character and know that you can switch on a dime. All you have to do is put things into bullet points and tell your own story. So Sonya texted me one day and said 'you're so right' and I feel like it has - Her on the mic and Mandy [Rose] on the mic, I think they've skyrocketed," said Paige [Saraya].
EXCLUSIVE: There's no chance for an #Absolution reunion between @RealPaigeWWE @SonyaDevilleWWE & @WWE_MandyRose in the near future... or EVER, tbh. #SDLive

Rose and Deville are still part of WWE, the former performing at NXT as the brand's women's champion while the latter at SmackDown. Meanwhile, Saraya just recently debuted on AEW.

Mandy Rose talks about how Saraya (Paige) helped her in WWE

Although the trio disbanded in 2018, their relationship remained strong behind the cameras.

The NXT Women's Champion shared in an episode of Out of Character that the former superstar helped the Absolution members in different areas.

"Yeah, for sure. It's kind of full circle and I always kind of talk about that because I think it's kind of cool because Paige helped Sonya and I so much in the beginning and not just in when it came to wrestling but just so many things," said Rose.

Although Mandy Rose and Saraya are in different promotions now, their friendship won't be affected.

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