Becky Lynch to leave WWE after losing her title? Exploring potential aftermath following King and Queen of the Ring

Becky Lynch is the 2nd Women
Becky Lynch is the 2nd Women's World Champion.

Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan kicked off the 2024 King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event at Jeddah Super Dome in Saudi Arabia. Lynch put up a good fight against Morgan, but the latter's "revenge tour" got the better of The Man.

Unfortunately, Lynch, Dominik Mysterio's ringside presence distracted her, and Morgan pinned the former champion for the victory. Now that The Man has been dethroned, the WWE Universe may wonder about what the future holds for her in the Stamford-based company.

Well, it so happens that Lynch's contract is reportedly expiring at the end of May and she hasn't re-signed with the company yet. Does that mean her time with the company has come to an end? No, not yet. After losing her title, The Man revealed that her contract has a rematch clause and she will invoke it this Monday on WWE RAW.

However, she could possibly take a hiatus if she loses her rematch on Monday Night RAW.

The former Women's Champion has revealed that she does not desire to join any other wrestling promotion and WrestleMania 40 wasn't her last. Keeping her words in mind, it's possible that The Man will take a hiatus from WWE TV but will mostly re-sign with WWE.

In fact, fans believed she would take some time off following WrestleMania 40, but she returned to compete in a Battle Royal for the vacant Women's World Championship that Rhea Ripley relinquished.

Wrestling veteran believes Becky Lynch will re-sign with WWE

Both Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins' contracts were reportedly expiring around the same time. However, The Visionary allegedly signed a new contract with the company, but Lynch hasn't.

Wrestling veteran Matt Morgan believes she will eventually sign a new contract while speaking on the Gigantic Pop podcast.

"She ain't going nowhere. [You gotta think so but geez, they are cutting into the wire with one of their top stars.] Okay, but they have their family together. They both go in the same [tour bus]. (...) The fact they have all of that, they have so much money, they're gonna make more money, the company's still growing. They have more money to go get, quite frankly. She's not going nowhere. It makes no sense."

Liv Morgan punched her way to SummerSlam 2024 with her victory over Becky Lynch at King and Queen of the Ring 2024.