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Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling – Murder attempt on-air, Superstar rises from wheelchair

Riju Dasgupta
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Published 21 Sep 2019, 11:09 IST
21 Sep 2019, 11:09 IST

Was an actual murder committed on air on Impact Wrestling?
Was an actual murder committed on air on Impact Wrestling?

I thought that this week's episode of Impact Wrestling was a really good show. Once again it's a shame that only 3000 people tuned in to watch the action, but that should change once the program moves to AXS TV.

One thing that is clear at this point is that Impact is not really a family or PG show. A lot of the segments are adult-themed and the presentation is very different from any other program on TV.

So, in a sense, it's very different as compared to WWE or even AEW for that matter, and I do suppose that they can afford to do this considering that their product is not on TV yet. As a 33-year-old, sometimes WWE's presentation does seem a little childish to me, and this is a lot more in line with the kind of wrestling that I enjoy.

While this was a really great show, I wouldn't go so far as to call it perfect, however.

#1 Best: The Ace Austin & Alicia Edwards saga

Alicia Edwards is a much better performer in the ring than she was a few months ago. At the same time, she's not really Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat and so this storyline with Ace Austin suits her just fine.

In the past, Eddie Edwards has been accused of not exactly being the most exciting superstar to watch outside the ring, and this problem is solved with this cheap but entertaining storyline. But the star of the show is Ace Austin, who's a sleazeball to the core, and it makes for some very entertaining television.

The eventual blowoff match between the two men will be great for sure. But this week, I popped at how Austin faked an injury and stepped out of the wheelchair to help out Alicia Edwards.

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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:33 IST
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