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Impact Wrestling United We Stand- Best and Worst- RVD and Sabu return

Riju Dasgupta
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Published Apr 05, 2019
Apr 05, 2019 IST

United We Stand was a good show with bad production

Impact Wrestling has one of the best rosters in the world at the moment. Throw in a few legends and a handful of talents from other promotions, and you have the recipe for a great show. The only thing that lets them down is their production. Or the lack of production, truth be told.

WrestleMania 35 weekend kicked off with United We Stand, a show that I was honestly quite pumped about. But there was quite a lot that I did not like during the match and that just ruined what could have been a fantastic show. Josh Mathews and Don Callis tried to do their best to cover the production mishaps, but they could only do so much.

But that said, I don't regret purchasing the pay-per-view. I just wish that the quality of the experience was at least as good as regular Impact pay-per-views.

Impact Wrestling: United We Stand - Results, Highlights| RVD returns to the ring, Callihan bloodies Havoc

Having concluded this prelude, I begin my assessment...

#1 Best: The Ultimate X match

Going into the match, not many people would have been excited about a young upstart named Ace Austin. Sure, he has been working good matches on Impact Wrestling on a weekly basis, but there has been little hype around him, hasn't there? But then, at United We Stand, Austin earned himself a place in the history books. His dive was absolutely mental!

Even though the lineup that finally worked the match was different from what was advertised, the match turned out to be a pretty solid affair. The Ultimate X match has always been a great visual and this was certainly the case during this match too.

Jake Crist from oVe is certainly extremely underrated. He delivered a fantastic cutter midway through the match.

This was a spot-fest, but sometimes that's all you need.

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