Impact Wrestling: United We Stand - Results, Highlights| RVD returns to the ring, Callihan bloodies Havoc

Rob Van Dam was in the main event of Impact Wrestling: United We Stand
Rob Van Dam was in the main event of Impact Wrestling: United We Stand

Impact Wrestling: United We Stand is finally here after a long build-up to the show. The Impact Wrestling PPV taking place on WrestleMania weekend had a strong card as they looked to bring a mixture of nausea and novelty to the show.

Without any more delay, here's what happened at Impact Wrestling: United We Stand.

#1. Jake Crist vs. Dante Fox vs Ace Austin vs Pat Buck vs Johnny Impact - 6 Man Ultimate X Match (Winner earns a future X-Division Title Match)

The #1 Contender's Match for the X-Division Title
The #1 Contender's Match for the X-Division Title

The match began the pay-per-view as the 6 men mixed it up inside the ring all looking to earn an X-Division Title Match.

Impact went for the title early on but was stopped and hit with a Powerbomb by Ace Austin.

Johnny Impact got the closest to grabbing the title but was stopped in his tracks. He went for it again, but Jake Crist hit him with a Superplex. Pat Buck was going for it next but was brought down by Crist again.

Crist hit Impact with a DDT on the outside ramp, as the match continued.

The spots continued to build up as the action spilled to the outside. Ace Austin climbed up to the top of the X structure and jumped all the way off on to the rest of the contenders.

All five men were going for the X, but they fell one by one, with Ace Austin pulling the last two off. Impact hit the Spanish Fly on Dante Fox.

Austin went for the X next and had the best strategy so far as he wrapped his body around the structure heading to the middle. But it was not to be as he was hit with a Cutter by Jake Crist.

Meanwhile, Johnny Impact took advantage of the distraction and got to the X and unhooked it, thereby earning a match for the X-Division Title any time that he wants. The Impact World Champion is the #1 Contender for the X-Division Title.

Results: Johnny Impact won the match and can challenge for the X-Division Title whenever he wants.

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Edited by Lennard Surrao
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