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Best and Worst of Raw - 23rd January 2017

Raw was better this week, but some segments left us as dizzy as Goldberg.

Despite the epic mark-out moments, Raw could have been better

If you have Goldberg face off against Brock Lesnar for the first time since their match at Survivor Series, it's bound to be a mark out moment. This week, with only a few Mick Foley segments and the absence of Stephanie McMahon (except on the telephone), this was a better show.

The Cleveland, Ohio crowd was loud, vocal and in for a treat as they got a far more improved Raw than they’ve been watching on TV for many weeks now. Of course, the show wasn’t without its share of faults.

We bring you the best and worst of Raw!

#1 Best: Epic moment

During this trainwreck of a segment, this one moment stood out

Let’s give credit where its due. With Goldberg and Lesnar facing off, it was already going to be an amazing moment. Throw in The Undertaker into the mix, and you have a glimpse of just how star-studded this Royal Rumble match is.

While the whole segment was one botch after another, this moment saved it from being a total disaster.

Now for the worst from the very same segment.

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