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Best and Worst of Raw - 31st October 2016

The show was scary bad, this Halloween

Not even Goldberg and Paul Heyman could save the show

As always, whenever there’s a special episode of Raw, the quality of the show goes down the gutter. Remember the 4th of July special edition of Raw? This wasn’t nearly as bad, but still pretty bad. Yes, bad even by regular Raw standards. Live from the XL Center in Hartford, CT; Raw was a show that bored the hell out of us wrestling fanatics.

Imagine how bored the casual fans at home must be feeling right now. Believe it or not, we still found some good things to say about the show, amidst the bad. Here’s what we thought worked for the show, and what did not...

#1 Best (but awkward): Goldberg’s return to form

We saw him hit the Spear and Jackhammer, after an eternity

It’s always an awesome sight to see Goldberg, the legend who dominated WCW and WWE back in the day, return to the ring once again. When the music hits, the fun and games that characterise WWE these days are gone, and a beast emerges, breathing smoke and fire.

Today, while there was a hint of a confrontation between Lesnar and Goldberg, it turned out that Paul Heyman was just teasing. Rusev would interrupt proceedings, and enter the ring to challenge a man he grew up watching in the ring.

While Goldberg would slip at first, he’d recover his composure and deliver the Spear and Jackhammer that he made famous. Total mark out moment. 

Here’s how Goldberg literally slipped while grappling Rusev:

WWE edited this part from the video they have uploaded on Youtube:

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