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Best and worst of WWE Stomping Grounds- CM Punk & AEW chants, Major title change 

Riju Dasgupta
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WWE Stomping Grounds turned out to be a fantastic show
WWE Stomping Grounds turned out to be a fantastic show

I did not have much hope for WWE Stomping Grounds, heading into the show. When I wrote the preview for the Live Card two nights ago, I was certain that the show would be a dud.

I mean it's just that we're so used to seeing major stakes like a Money in the Bank contract on the line or an advertised dream match (at least on paper) like The Undertaker vs. Goldberg, that Stomping Grounds seemed very underwhelming. And yet, this disadvantage turned out to be the strength of the show, because the full-timers delivered in droves.

Here is my 'best and worst' assessment from the show and I urge you to keep in mind that this is just my opinion and not the gospel. So, if you have a slightly different point of view, please feel free to voice it in the comments.

All opinions are welcome in this article.

#1 Best: Lacey Evans as the special guest referee

I know that opinions will be very divided in this regard, so let me just start off my painting a picture. Lest you forget, before Stomping Grounds even happened, everyone was of the opinion that Baron Corbin does not begin in the main event picture.

In the latest WWE NEWS, How did WWE conceal his weaknesses and build a new star in the process? They put Lacey Evans in the role of the special guest referee, which, in my opinion, was a stroke of genius because even though Seth Rollins would bludgeon everyone to death like Negan from the Walking Dead, he would not raise his hands to hit a woman.

It was a fantastic match, which set up a Becky Lynch run-in for the finish. The crowd was hot for the same, and when Rollins finally won the match, the crowd erupted.

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