Brock Lesnar and WWE Superstars he probably likes/dislikes to work with

Who is the closest to the Beast?
Who is the closest to the Beast?
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Widely regarded as one of the greatest performers of all time, WWE have left no stone unturned to catapult Brock Lesnar as the biggest attractions in the business.

Despite being so popular, the Beast Incarnate has been vehemently criticized for following a part-time schedule whilst diminishing the credibility of the Universal Championship.

Most of his matches tend to end pretty quick and add no anticipation or excitement to the event he's involved in, except promoting his 'Suplex City' moniker.

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However, there have been times when the Universal Champion has earned the respect of his peers and the WWE Universe by showcasing his in-ring versatility.

His last match with Daniel Bryan brought the house down in the Staples Center and solidified Lesnar's position as one of the most compelling sellers in the game.

Since he's presented as a Beast who cares more about the bottom line than the content, the Universal Champion still has a lot of friends in the business you might have never heard of.

So, without further ado, let's dive deep and highlight the 4 WWE Superstars Brock Lesnar genuinely likes and 3 he probably doesn't.

#1 Likes: Samoa Joe

Joe is one of the most respected persons in the business
Joe is one of the most respected persons in the business

In what was perhaps one of the most compelling Brock Lesnar feuds in recent memory, the Beast Incarnate gave every bit of his appreciation to the Destroyer, Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe brought the fight to the Beast Incarnate in a way nobody has, and while he did lose the fight, the Universal Champion made sure that he won the war.

While many fans thought that the creative team would present Joe as a stepping stone in Lesnar's current Universal Championship run, Paul Heyman's involvement in the feud made it even more personal.

There's no denying that they have locked horns multiple times, but the build-up to their rivalry for Great Balls of Fire was nothing short of excellent.

Joe also in an interview with Sam Roberts stated his adulation for the Universal Champion, and the Beast Incarnate left no stone unturned to let the world notice how dangerous Samoa Joe could be.

#2 Probably Doesn't: Dean Ambrose

The Lunatic Fringe does not share a good bond with the Beast
The Lunatic Fringe does not share a good bond with the Beast

Despite being one of the most prolific performers on the planet, there are many opponents that Brock Lesnar despises in locking horns with, and one of them is Dean Ambrose.

While there's no concrete animosity between the two superstars, the Beast Incarnate didn't play an influential role in catapulting his feud with the Lunatic Fringe to the next level at WrestleMania 32.

He was usually seen laughing at the former WWE Champion's actions and gave no adulation to him when the entire rivalry was being played out in front of our very eyes.

His match with Ambrose had a lot of promise but ended up disappointing the entire audience, with the Universal Champion absolutely annihilating the Lunatic Fringe.

Dean Ambrose shared his thoughts on Brock Lesnar not being very interested in making their special encounter at WrestleMania 32 worth it for the fans.

Judging by what he meant to say, it definitely seems like the Mayor of Suplex City didn't really want to fight the Lunatic Fringe, in the first place.

#3 Likes: AJ Styles

Who doesn't like A.J. Styles?
Who doesn't like A.J. Styles?

If the Survivor Series 2017 encounter between Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles was anything to take into consideration, then it can be rightfully admitted that the Universal Champion has a lot of respect for the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles.

Considering that the Beast Incarnate was scheduled to lock horns with Jinder Mahal at the Survivor Series, Lesnar requesting Vince McMahon to put the WWE Championship on A.J. Styles only goes on to prove his admiration for him.

Both the competitors squared off against each other for the first time and brought the fans to the edge of their seats, with many shocked at how the entire match transpired.

The Universal Champion's annihilating 'moniker' took the backseat for a while, and let the WWE Champion in AJ Styles put a wrestling clinic with him in a fantastic match.

Judging by how it all ended, Brock Lesnar's expressions at the end of the encounter certainly justified how phenomenal A.J. Styles will always be.

#4 Probably Doesn't: Braun Strowman

The Monster Among Men and the Beast do not seem to be on the same page
The Monster Among Men and the Beast do not seem to be on the same page

Braun Strowman's meteoric rise within the squared circle has come as a blessing to Vince McMahon, and while he has all the potential in the world to become the Universal Champion, he has constantly failed to topple the Beast Incarnate.

Since they had a pretty brutal altercation at the Royal Rumble in 201, where the Universal Champion almost knocked out the Monster Among Men after little miscommunication.

Considering that Strowman's encounters with Brock Lesnar are relatively short and do more harm to him than good, it definitely seems that the Universal Champion doesn't prefer him as a more dominating athlete.

While there is no concrete evidence to prove that claim, but encounters involving them always seem to end with the Monster Among Men falling down to Lesnar's brutal wrath.

#5 Likes: Ronda Rousey

The Rowdy One is running riot on the red brand
The Rowdy One is running riot on the red brand

Widely hailed as possibly the most dominating female fighter in UFC history, Ronda Rousey has developed a reputation for herself as the only one of her kind.

Since she has made a successful transition in the world of professional wrestling, her adulation for Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman goes way beyond the business.

The Beast Incarnate has stated multiple times on his love for the Rowdy One and continues to catapult her as the most dangerous women on the entire planet.

They have certainly shared a lot of precious moments backstage with Paul Heyman, but have never publicly confronted each other within the squared circle.

Considering that there were tremendous rumours of a possible Paul Heyman storyline being played out, with the Raw Women's Champion becoming a Heyman girl, one wonders what would happen if these two ever come together.

#6 Probably Doesn't: John Cena

It seems there is a legitimate beef here
It seems there is a legitimate beef here

A Superstar that probably doesn't share a fantastic relationship with Brock Lesnar is John Cena. The 16-time World Champion is known to share some beef with the Beast Incarnate.

It has been stated by multiple sources that the Universal Champion shared some animosity with John Cena when he was called up from OVW to become a superstar in 2003.

The Mayor of Suplex City was said to be pretty frustrated with Cena's attitude and the push that he was receiving under the experiential supervision of Vince McMahon.

Since they did lock horns at Backlash in 2003, Lesnar's body language throughout the match suggested that he was not interested in sharing the ring with the Doctor of Thuganomics.

While John Cena on to become pretty popular after Lesnar left WWE, his return probably depreciated the former World Champion's stock in the eyes of Mr McMahon.

Both the superstars clashed multiple times, but Lesnar mauling Cena at SummerSlam 2014 remains one of the most shocking matches in the history of this business.

#7 Likes: Daniel Bryan

Bryan mauled Lesnar at Survivor Series
Bryan mauled Lesnar at Survivor Series

If you by chance have skipped Brock Lesnar Vs. Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series 2018, then you should probably tune into the WWE Network and watch it as soon as possible.

While many predicted Brock Lesnar's match with the WWE Champion to end very badly for Bryan, the company shocked the entire world with such a beautiful encounter.

There's no denying that the Universal Champion has always admired what Daniel Bryan has accomplished in the business and understands what it took for him to reach to the top.

Since both the competitors have had multiple concussions throughout their careers, they still have managed to gravitate such tremendous attention from the fans with their performances.

Daniel Bryan certainly pushed the Beast Incarnate to his absolute limits in the Staples Center and mauled him in the second half of the match which surprised the entire world.

If the Mayor of Suplex City didn't respect the Beard, he would have wrapped the match in 10 minutes and would have gone home without selling a damn thing, but he didn't.

Instead, the Beast sold everything Bryan was throwing at him and that justifies how much he respects the WWE Champion.

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