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WWE: The Different Faces of CM Punk

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The Cult of Personality
The Cult of Personality

It's been almost six years since CM Punk was released from WWE and left wrestling - probably forever. So much has happened in the world of the wrestling since, as it's an industry that keeps on changing and providing fans with something new to look forward to. With these changing dynamics, we have also realized how important Punk was to it and, going by his recent interview with ESPN, we might not see him in a squared circle anytime soon.

He always had the knack for bringing minor changes to his character that could always keep it fresh and relevant. No one ever complained that he dragged his gimmick for far too long and become tedious.

In the eight years that he spent in WWE, he gave us many memorable moments and matches that are still discussed among wrestling fans with the enthusiasm. From his first match in LWF, to his last match at Royal Rumble 2014, Punk was the man who would possess the whole arena and would make the people take notice. Let's take a journey through his career once again and see how a skinny rookie became the 'Best in the World'.

#1. Early Career in IWA Mid-South (1999-2005)

Beginning of a legendary career
Beginning of a legendary career

CM Punk started wrestling in the Lunatic Wrestling Federation with his brothe,r Mike Brooks. He used to see it as a fun activity and never took it seriously as a long-term career in his early days. But, as he kept on improving with time, his views on the matter started changing and he soon joined IWA Mid-South. He received his training at Steel Dominion wrestling school in Chicago, where he was trained by Ace Steel, Danny Dominion, and Kevin Quinn. He started grabbing the attention of the bookers there, and had memorable matches against AJ Styles, Colt Cabana and even Eddie Guerrero for the IWA Heavyweight Championship.

most memorable feud there was with Chris Hero - now known as Kassius Ohno in NXT - in which the duo worked in several hour long matches and included stipulations like TLC or two out of three falls. He continued to work there till mid-2005 as a wrestler and as a commentator.

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