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Drew McIntyre discusses the momentum he's building towards the Royal Rumble

Published Jan 15, 2020
Jan 15, 2020 IST

A Claymore a day brings McIntyre a payday.
A Claymore a day brings McIntyre a payday.

When Drew McIntyre returned to the WWE main roster after WrestleMania 34, he was saddled with high expectations. He even had them for himself. Due to a few setbacks and being relegated to being the muscle of a couple different groups, McIntyre had a fairly disappointing 2018 and 2019, especially as a singles wrestler. The Scottish Psychopath has started 2020 with a bang.

After defeating AJ Styles and Randy Orton in a triple threat match on the latest RAW, McIntyre spoke to Sarah Schreiber in a Exclusive video about how he's building momentum on the road to the Royal Rumble.

A new McIntyre

McIntyre returned to the WWE in 2018 coming off an injury he suffered in NXT. He joined Dolph Ziggler and later the likes of Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin as the top heels on RAW. None of those pairings led to major title opportunities for McIntyre and he was then an ally of Shane McMahon during McMahon's reign of terror for much of 2019.

Now that things have changed and the Royal Rumble is less than two weeks away, every WWE star is trying to make an impact prior to the next PPV. After defeating two former WWE Champions - AJ Styles and Randy Orton - in the opening match on RAW, the Scottish Psychopath feels that he's finally on the right path. carried transcripts of his comments.

“I think this momentum is everything,” McIntyre said. “I don’t know when exactly…when things have turned around for me. I reckon, if I was going to guess, about six or seven weeks ago.”

In October, the WWE Draft finally set the rosters for both SmackDown and RAW. It also essentially curtailed the use of the Wildcard Rule. With Brock Lesnar back on Monday nights, the dynamics have shifted since the fall.

"I’ve been on a bit of a roll, and the key to it all is: I don’t know what went wrong when I first came back to Monday Night RAW; obviously I was on a bit of a warpath. But I had a lot of people in my head, a lot of people by my side. It wasn’t really me, and I don’t know how I let it get to that stage. I had a little injury not so long ago. I found myself again, and everything you see right now, whether I’m talking on the microphone, whether I’m in the ring, this is 100 percent Drew McIntyre.”

A huge chance

While the likes of Orton, Styles and Roman Reigns have all had reigns as major champs in WWE, McIntyre hasn't had one shot at either the WWE or Universal Championship in his career. Since no one wants to give him a shot, the Scottish Psychopath figures he'll have to earn it with a win in the Royal Rumble.

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Modified Jan 15, 2020
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