5 Ways The Rock could re-vitalize WWE

It's time for the WWE Universe to smell once again what The Rock is cooking
It's time for the WWE Universe to smell once again what The Rock is cooking

As news of Vince McMahon's retirement from WWE continues to make the rounds, there have been rumors that The Rock may eventually acquire the company.

When Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, now Hollywood's biggest star, first set foot in a WWE ring years ago, there were many dark forces against him. He slayed those beasts and went on to become The Most Electrifying Man in Sports and Entertainment. He has soared to tremendous heights in his career previously and might be waiting in the wings to do it again.

Today, Johnson could roll out of bed with the world literally at his fingertips. Much like Thanos, he could probably just eliminate us all with a simple click or possibly a raised eyebrow.

Instead? He has looked to the greater good as a motivator, innovator, and dominator. He could bring that exact same vision to World Wrestling Entertainment. Here are five ways The Rock could reinvigorate WWE if he ends up eventually being the man in charge.

#5 - His loyalty

The Rock, alongside fellow WWE Superstars
The Rock, alongside fellow WWE Superstars

If there is anything that The Rock is known for, it's giving back to those who helped him climb to his peak of success. For example? He recently purchased a vehicle for Downtown Bruno (aka Harvey Wippleman) simply because Bruno looked out for him when he first started out in the business. He never forgot his roots and made sure to give back to those who gave to him humbly.

That type of faith is the mark of a great leader. The Rock epitomizes the word loyalty in the same way he defines leadership.

#4 - He is a spokesman for great causes and never backs down from a challenge

Johnson has been out in front as an advocate for some who can't advocate for themselves. During the COVID-19 crisis, he sent out a heartfelt message calling for common sense and leadership. Not because he had to, but because he thought it was the right thing to do.

While some may criticize him for voicing his opinion, The Rock says... he isn't afraid of differing philosophies.

Meanwhile, WWE has also been involved with several charitable projects like Connor's Cure and Make-a-Wish. Johnson would surely be the best ambassador they could ask for when it comes to causes close to the heart.

#3 - The Rock's millions and millions of fans

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2014
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2014

If you're the toast of Tinsel Town, it's hard to get any bigger than that. The Brahma Bull's popularity knows no bounds. People gravitate towards him like a golden god. There's just an appeal to him that the audience enjoys; it's not always easily explainable. Some people have that aura, and Johnson is one of them.

This 'rock star' image is something that could attract even more mainstream fans back into the world of sports entertainment. Much like being born again and re-living their childhood.

Given the opportunity, Johnson could pull WWE up to his level simply by being the center of its universe.

#2 - Media savvy personality

The Rock may be a nice guy, but he's also very wise when it comes to guarding his public image. Simply put? He is very intelligent when it comes to giving the right answers to all the wrong questions.

And while he doesn't duck or dodge any subject, he's also smart enough to choose his words wisely.

Alongside former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz and his ex-wife Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson built a franchise as a media mogul and global celebrity. His reach is almost at ridiculous levels as an actor, producer, executive... you name it. It's because all of his years in the spotlight have taught him well.

#1 - Likeability

To be honest... who doesn't love The Rock? He's just that laid-back guy you might grab a beer with or take home to Mom and Dad's house for Thanksgiving. He's the proverbial All-American, red-blooded dude.

You might meet up with him at a Sunday barbecue, and he would throw some steaks on the grill. You know? Just so you can smell what The Rock is cooking.

WWE has some issues right now when it comes to its image. Everyone knows that; it's public knowledge. They've recently gotten hit with a big black eye and need to be nursed back to health a bit now.

Johnson could be the rallying figure that helps the promotion kip up from all the controversy. After all? He is The People's Champion and has already lit the world of sports entertainment on fire once before. Could he really do it again?

I'll bet you seven bucks that he CAN.

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