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IMPACT Wrestling Results (December 1st, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

Jazz debuts in dominant fashion; Chris Bey and Moose target the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion
Jazz debuts in dominant fashion; Chris Bey and Moose target the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion
Greg Bush
Modified 02 Dec 2020
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IMPACT Wrestling lost a major part of their family recently in Bob Ryder. Without Mr. Ryder, this company wouldn't even exist, as he was the one who talked Jeff and Jerry Jarrett into starting TNA in the early 2000s. In fact, he was with the company from its launch in 2002 until his unfortunate death on November 24th.

Tonight's episode was dedicated to his memory and everything he did for the company and every single person who walked through the doors.

With the next IMPACT Plus exclusive event, IMPACT Wrestling Final Resolution, taking place on December 12th, the company focused on several stories tonight. The Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament continued with the debut of Jazz as Jordynne Grace's tag team partner. Deonna Purrazzo attempted to rid herself of Su Yung before the event.

Ethan Page made a bold challenge, laying down the gauntlet for Karl Anderson. Speaking of tag team specialists, The Motor City Machine Guns returned tonight. Before they could focus on getting the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Titles back, they had to handle some business in the opening contest.

Alex Shelley finally returned to the ring tonight alongside his tag team partner Chris Sabin. The former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions laid out a three-step plan last week, which was more like a hit list of three of the toughest tag teams in the division. XXXL, The North, and The Good Brothers were all targets for The Guns.

Tonight, IMPACT Wrestling opened with the first team on the list, Acey Romero and Larry D.

Motor City Machine Guns vs XXXL on IMPACT Wrestling


The Motor City Machine Guns blindsided Acey Romero and Larry D, lighting them up with lightning fast offense. XXXL were dumped to the floor as Alex Shelley held the ropes for a big suicide dive from Sabin. Both Larry and Romero took the hit flush on their chins.

Back in the ring, the former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Chris Sabin stunned Larry with a double axe handle. Alex Shelley went for the same move, but Larry stopped it with a shot to the gut. Acey Romero tagged in, clubbing Shelley with massive shots. Shelley attempted to chop down the massive brute, but couldn't manage it.

Sabin tagged in, but met a similar fate. Both men tried to slam Acey, only to fail and get crushed by the big man. The Guns went back to whatearned them so much gold in the past, battering both Acey and Larry with a series of tandem kicks. With Larry down on the floor again, it looked like The Guns were back in control.


The multi-time IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions failed to fully turn things around, however, as Acey countered a splash from Sabin and slammed him onto Shelley's back. XXXL grabbed Shelley by his extremities, looking to tear him in half. Sabin broke it up, thankfully.

A superkick almost sent Shelley's jaw flying, and Shelley only broke the pin thanks to the ropes. A double splash crushed Shelley, but Sabin saved his partner again and sent Larry to the ground. Shelley hit a standing Sliced Bread No. 2 on Acey, eventually bringing Sabin and Larry in as the legal men. Larry tried to fight off Sabin's offense, but a nasty step-up enziguri set up for a DDT that left Larry dazed.


A flatlinier/missile dropkick combo connected, but Sabin went for the Cradle Shock, allowing Larry to drive him into his corner. Acey and Larry nearly broke him in half with a backbreaker/diving elbow combination. Sabin barely kicked out, and was planted with a uranage. He avoided a big splash from Larry.

Shelley made it back in, and launched Acey with a double suplex. Larry D was next, and after a double kick in the corner was planted with Skull and Bones for the win.

Results: The Motor City Machine Guns defeated XXXL via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: A-

Former IMPACT Wrestling World Champions Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock attempted to get into the building, but Scott D'Amore, along with a line of security, prevented Shamrock getting in, stating that the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer was suspended for thirty days.

Callihan was let in, but they both laid down some major threats to D'Amore and the IMPACT Wrestling roster.

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Published 02 Dec 2020, 08:53 IST
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