IMPACT Wrestling Results (February 2nd, 2021): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

Former IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion returns; Brian Myers gets help from an unexpected source
Former IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion returns; Brian Myers gets help from an unexpected source

Last week, Trey Miguel returned to IMPACT Wrestling, and the company teased another big return for this week's episode. However, they'd in fact bring in two returning stars, while hinting at more in the works.

The main event saw Rich Swann and his IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender opponent facing Moose and Chris Bey in an exciting tag team match. Rohit Raju also battled TJP in a non-title bout. We saw him speaking to a mystery man last week ahead of this opportunity. Who had he enlisted?

We kicked the night off with the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions and the women who believe they're the rightful champions, Havok and Nevaeh. Havok battled Tasha Steelz in singles action.

Tasha Steelz w/Kiera Hogan vs. Havok w/Nevaeh on IMPACT Wrestling

Tasha Steelz lept onto Havok as The Kaiju Queen of IMPACT Wrestling was distracted by Kiera Hogan. The IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champions had a game plan, and played it perfectly. After the distraction, Steelz chopped down Havok with a series of shots to the knee, following up with some superkicks to a kneeling Havok for a two-count.

It wasn't long, though, until Havok's physical dominance emerged. Tossing Steelz into the corner, a nasty running boot nearly took the champ's head off. Catching Steelz off the top, Havok spun her around into a swinging sidewalk slam. 1-2-Steelz kicked out.

Hogan attempted to get involved again, but got caught by Havok, which distracted the ref. Nevaeh took advantage, tripping up Steelz for Havok's tombstone piledriver.

Results: Havok defeated Tasha Steelz via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B

We saw footage post-IMPACT Wrestling last week showing Ken Shamrock attacking security and even his ally Sami Callihan. We then cut to Scott D'Amore's office where he was berating the former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion for allowing Shamrock to go off the rails.

Shamrock has been suspended indefinitely, which Callihan was actually okay with. After all, Shamrock hit him as well. Have we seen the last of The World's Most Dangerous Man in IMPACT?

Backstage, Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer were getting ready for their tag team match. Swann was excited about his title bout with Tommy Dreamer coming up, and told him to not do too much tonight as he didn't want him getting hurt. Dreamer, clearly hurt by his comments, seemed to be holding some frustration back as Swann walked off.

Talk about Ruthless Aggression
Talk about Ruthless Aggression

The IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions were backstage getting ready for their big night on AEW Beach Break tomorrow. Speaking of AEW, they said that Matt Hardy was leading lambs to slaughter when it came to Private Party. Before they continued, James Storm and Chris Sabin came up to challenge The Good Brothers.

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows didn't feel the need to prove themselves to two of the most decorated tag champs in IMPACT Wrestling history and shrugged off the challenge.

Madman Fulton w/Ace Austin vs. Josh Alexander on IMPACT Wrestling

The former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champion tried to bring the monster down with an ankle lock. Madman Fulton refused to budge, and deadlifted Josh Alexander for a big slam. Fulton slowly stalked Alexander around the ring, battering him and bouncing him off the turnbuckle pads.

Alexander managed to sidestep a splash in the corner, catching a rebounding Fulton with a German suplex. Fulton immediately stood back up, but was caught in an ankle lock. Fulton shoved Alexander to the floor where former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion and 2021 X-Cup Winner Ace Austin was waiting.

Fulton drove Alexander's spine into the ring with a chokeslam on the apron. A deadlift chokeslam in the ring earned a two-count. Alexander was taken to the top, but slipped through Fulton's legs for a powerbomb. A rolling elbow stunned Fulton for a double underhook piledriver. Fulton was spiked directly on his head, giving Alexander a great win.

Results: Josh Alexander defeated Madman Fulton via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B

Brian Myers refuses to face Eddie Edwards at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender

Donning an eyepatch, IMPACT Wrestling's 'Most Professional Wrestler' Brian Myers addressed the IMPACT fans and his new rival Eddie Edwards. Myers said that Eddie Edwards was once a great wrestler, but Killer Kowalski would be rolling in his grave at the garbage mud show wrestler Edwards became.

Myers would have loved to face Edwards at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender, but he had a doctor's note prohibiting him from wrestling.

Eddie Edwards rushed Myers, getting a few shots in before he was attacked by the returning Hernandez. Myers revealed that Hernandez would be the one to face Edwards at No Surrender.

Edwards was saved from a further beat down by Matt Cardona, who sent Hernandez and his former tag partner to the floor.

John E. Bravo was leading the poker table at Johnny Swinger's private club. After losing another game, Alisha Edwards and Fallah Bahh tried to accuse Bravo of cheating them. Bravo denied it, stating that he had nothing to gain as Swinger paid him less than minimum wage.

Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards wanted to get a piece of Hernandez and Brian Myers, and went to Scott D'Amore's office looking to get a tag match set up at No Surrender.

Larry D is out of jail and out for revenge against Rosemary
Larry D is out of jail and out for revenge against Rosemary

Crazzy Steve w/Rosemary vs. Larry D w/Acey Romero on IMPACT Wrestling

Weeks ago, Larry D was the culprit of IMPACT Wrestling's shooting of John E. Bravo. Now out the slammer and back in the ring, Larry D was looking to get back to what he did best.

Crazzy Steve stunned Larry D early, but the powerhouse only needed one strike to lay out the former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champion. Chops, clubs, and boots pelted Steve as Rosemary screamed from the floor. A big running splash nearly put Steve away.

IMPACT Wrestling's Crazy Clown surprised Larry D by biting him, giving him time to move to the apron for a dive. However, Larry D knocked him right out of the air with the Best Hand in the House.

Results: Larry D defeated Crazzy Steve via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B-

After the match, Rosemary scared XXXL away.

Trey Miguel said that even before he came to IMPACT Wrestling, he was on two crutches. However, after returning last week, Miguel planned on proving that he could stand on his own two feet.

Sami Callihan interrupted, appearing behind Trey Miguel with his hand on his shoulder. Miguel nearly hit him on sight, but cooler heads prevailed. The Callihan Death Machine poked and prodded Miguel, hitting him right where it hurt the most; his pride. Looks like we'll be getting a match between these two sooner rather than later.

Two former IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Champions go head-to-head
Two former IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Champions go head-to-head

Susan w/Kimber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace w/Jazz on IMPACT Wrestling

The former IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion rushed Susan before she could even take her jacket off. Jordynne Grace had some much-needed aggression to take out on the former Su Yung. However, Susan distracted the ref as Grace was sent to the floor, allowing Kimber Lee and IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo to stomp her out.

When she was sent out again, she had Jazz's back up this time, fending off Purrazzo and Kimber Lee. Back in the ring, Susan was utterly crushed by Thicc Mama Pump. The running double knee/sliding elbow combination left her stunned. After that, the Grace Driver put Susan away.

Results: Jordynne Grace defeated Susan via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: C

After the match, the trio tried to attack Grace and Jazz. However, they were stopped by the returning former multi-time IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion ODB.

Chris Sabin and James Storm will get a shot at The Good Brothers next week, and Private Party were furious about The Beer City Money Guns (working title) getting a shot even though they were the ones to beat them in their IMPACT Wrestling debut. Matt Hardy said that no matter what, they're gonna be the second-greatest tag team of all time.

They'll beat The Young Bucks for the AEW tag team titles, and will beat the other top team in the 'Biz Clizz' in The Good brothers for the IMPACT Wrestling tag team titles.

What card did Rohit Raju have up his sleeve in this non-title match?
What card did Rohit Raju have up his sleeve in this non-title match?

It was time for another AEW Dynamite ad on IMPACT Wrestling, paid for personally by Tony Khan. The AEW President said that since showing up on IMPACT Wrestling over the past few months, he's made decisions he never would've made before.

Hardy is leading Private Party on an expedition of gold, while he's also allowed Jon Moxley to defend his IWGP US Championship in NJPW. IMPACT Wrestling is like fantasy wrestling to Khan, and he's enjoying every second of it.

Backstage, ODB, Jazz, and Jordynne Grace were talking about ODB's return. Jazz hinted that 'many of us' were making returns these days. Who else would be coming to IMPACT Wrestling in the coming months?

Rohit Raju vs. TJP on IMPACT Wrestling

The IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion got the better of Rohit Raju early on, with TJP's speed being way too much for Raju to handle. A crucifix into an octopus stretch tied Raju up in the middle of the ring, but he was able to make it to the ropes.

All it took, though, was one clothesline to put Raju back on top. TJP tried to hit his Spider-Man cling in the ropes, but was sent to the floor with a dropkick. The Mocca Skin Manimal wore down TJP throughout the break, and a leaping flatliner planted TJP for a two-count.

A belly-to-back suplex planted TJP for another near fall. Eventually, the champ rocked Raju with a roaring elbow and spiked him with a tornado DDT. The Mamba Splash was next, but the former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion rolled away. TJP ended up in the corner where a series of running strikes laid him out. Raju went up top, but was countered with some boots to the jaw.

TJP's Detonation Kick was countered, and TJP moved to the floor to go under the ring. Instead of appearing as Manik, though, he was dragged out by the returning Mahabali Shera as the ref was distracted by Raju. A chokeslam to the apron cracked TJP's back, and Raju laid him out with a running knee.

Results: Rohit Raju defeated TJP via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: A-

With Mahabali Shera by his side, who can stop Rohit Raju? Will this be enough to get the X-Division Championship back?

Violent By Design sent a message to Cousin Jake. They don't offer their hands to just anyone, but knew that Jake was someone worth chasing.

Jake had two options; fight VBD by himself, or be baptized in the holy waters of change by Eric Young.

Cousin Jake was contemplating VBD's offer, and said on IMPACT Wrestling next week he'd give his answer. Will Eric Young add another monster to his crew?

Moose and Chris Bey vs. Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer on IMPACT Wrestling

Former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion Chris Bey started the main event off with Tommy Dreamer, and was a bit too quick for the veteran to handle. We went to break as Bey widened the gap.

After the last commercial, Moose was seen dominating Tommy Dreamer. Rich Swann tagged in, but was also hammered by Moose. Bey and Moose rocked the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion with nasty strikes, but Bey ultimately lost control of the champ, giving Swann a chance to tag in Dreamer.

Swann and Dreamer lit up Bey, but Moose put a quick end to that. In no time, Swann was back in the ring, with Bey and Moose in complete control. For several minutes, the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion was in no man's land, forced to endure a beating from Bey and Moose. Eventually, an enziguri stunned Bey and allowed Swann to tag out.

Dreamer ran in and dropped Bey with a reverse exploder. Moose tagged Bey out just as Bey went for The Art of Finesse. Dreamer didn't notice, and tagged out to Swann who set up for a 450. Moose sent Dreamer into Swann, and ran through Swann with the Lights Out spear.

Results: Moose and Chris Bey defeated Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: B+

Moose followed up by cutting Dreamer in half with the spear before holding both IMPACT Wrestling and TNA World titles in the air. Could that be the not too distant future in this company? Who can stop Moose?

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