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Indie Rumors: Alberto Del Rio no-shows event after drinking on the night before

Will you ever change Alberto?

News 01 May 2017, 17:10 IST
Alberto Del Rio no-showed a WCPW event

What’s the story?

As reported by Cageside Seats, former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio no-showed an event for independent promotion What Culture Pro Wrestling who claimed that he had an illness. However, it was then revealed through social media that Del Rio was seen drinking the night before.

In case you didn’t know...

Del Rio has experienced his fair share of controversy over the last few weeks and months ever since leaving WWE. Following a failed drug test or two, the former WWE Champion has also been unable to attend a few pre-scheduled events on the Indies; however, this is the first time in which it appears to have been avoidable. Del Rio has been in the public eye for a while now, mainly due to his relationship with former Divas Champion Paige.

The heart of the matter

WCPW announced through Twitter that Alberto would be unable to appear due to an illness, with fans quick to suspect him of foul play. It was then quickly uncovered that Del Rio was, in fact, drinking alongside Paige the night before, with the TNA superstar posting a picture that seemed to poke fun at a number of fans who he referred to as “marks”.

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What’s next?

It seems as if the issues involving Alberto and Paige will continue to snowball, with both talents not appearing to care all too much about the public’s opinion of them right now. Del Rio will probably go right back to accepting independent bookings; however, there are still questions surrounding Paige and whether or not she will return to WWE television.

Author’s take

Although several people couldn't care less about Alberto Del Rio or anything the guy does at this point, it’s important to realise what’s been going on as of late. He’s an incredibly talented wrestler, and we all know that, but he seems intent on systematically destroying his reputation right now.

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