35-year-old absent WWE star sends cryptic message; rumored to be part of Wyatt 6

Absent WWE Superstar to make a comeback with Uncle Howdy?
WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. [Image credits: WWE on Fox and website]

Many superstars in the WWE locker room are currently on a hiatus. However, many have been sending cryptic messages via their social media accounts. One such hint coincides with the developments surrounding the rumored Wyatt 6. Now, a 35-year-old stars seems to be demonstrating a similar pattern.

Nikki Cross last competed in WWE on November 6, 2023. The former RAW Women’s Champion has been on a break from the Stamford-based promotion.

However, a recent tweet she posted on X hints at a possible appearance alongside Uncle Howdy. Nikki Cross's words are from a Taylor Swift song named Karma from the album Midnights.

“Ask me what I learned from all those years. Ask me what I earned from all those tears,” Cross tweeted.

The context behind this tweet seems unclear, but it could indicate Cross's connection with Uncle Howdy. Interestingly, her tweet also coincides with the Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event, which will take place in her home country of Scotland.

This could mean the rumored Wyatt 6 may finally debut during the June 15 PLE, especially since Uncle Howdy's latest move took over a major WWE asset.

Uncle Howdy hijacked a key WWE resource

Uncle Howdy has been extending his claws every week on SmackDown. Last week, however, he broke through the confines of the blue brand and QR codes.

He had seemingly hacked the WWE website. He even posted in a poem, the ending lines of which said:

“I offer you one last chance at redemption. It doesn’t have to be this way. The cave can no longer exist. We are going to burn it to the ground. A massacre is coming.”

While the company has regained control of its website’s homepage, Uncle Howdy's poem still lingers. This came shortly after the QR code glitch of May 31, 2024, when fans were taken to a strange webpage containing a collection of old and new cryptic videos.

It would be interesting to see if Uncle Howdy finally decides to come out of the shadows with Nikki Cross.

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