Another huge name to come back after 8 years following CM Punk's blockbuster return at WWE Survivor Series? Fans believe it could happen!

CM Punk returned to WWE after over nine years!
CM Punk returned to WWE after over nine years.

CM Punk stunned the wrestling world at the WWE Survivor Series: WarGames Premium Live Event as he made his way back to the global juggernaut after over nine years.

The former AEW star's return has made fans hopeful about AJ Lee also returning to the company in the near future. AJ was a prominent member of the company's women's division during the early 2010s and paved the way for the revolution in women's wrestling. She won the now-retired Divas Championship on three occasions before hanging up her boots in 2015 due to permanent damage to her cervical spine.

Lee is married to CM Punk in real life, and after the latter's controversial exit from the company, many had given up on the hope of seeing AJ back in a WWE ring again. However, Punk mended fences with Triple H and Co. and showed up at Survivor Series last night after the main event.

This has once again made fans optimistic about AJ Lee's return to the Stamford-based promotion, and many stated their desire to see the former star show up at Royal Rumble next year.

Check out the fan reactions below:

AJ Lee has not competed for any other company since leaving the Stamford-based promotion. She last donned her wrestling boots on March 30, 2015, when she teamed up with Naomi and Paige (Saraya) to defeat Natalya and The Bella Twins (Brie Bella & Nikki Bella).

She joined the Women of Wrestling promotion as an executive producer in October 2021 but seemingly departed from the company last year.

CM Punk's WWE return has reportedly caused some backstage issues

CM Punk is one of the most polarizing figures in pro wrestling. While he is a certified draw for any company, the Chicago native has also been involved in some backstage controversies in his last two runs.

While the former AEW World Champion received thunderous responses upon his return last night, a few stars seemingly weren't happy to see him back. Seth Rollins looked extremely frustrated at ringside and was being held back by Michael Cole and others. It has also been reported that Drew McIntyre stormed out of the arena in anger shortly before Punk's return, and people backstage think that The Scottish Warrior was irate because of the returning star.

However, it is likely that the whole thing is a work, and WWE is trying to use the animosity between stars as a storyline. We'll hopefully get a clearer picture in the coming weeks.

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