CM Punk reacts to unexpected praise from RAW star

Punk returned to the promotion at Survivor Series.
Punk returned to the promotion at Survivor Series.

CM Punk has recently reacted to an invitation from a WWE RAW star.

Punk returned to the promotion last month at Survivor Series 2023 on November 25. He got a thunderous ovation from the crowd in Chicago and claimed that he was back home in WWE during his promo on RAW the following Monday. The Straight Edge Star is scheduled to make an appearance this Friday night on SmackDown.

The controversial star returned to the world of professional wrestling in 2021. He made his All Elite Wrestling debut on the second edition of Rampage, and fans were overjoyed to see him once again. However, his time in All Elite Wrestling was a massive disappointment, and AEW President Tony Khan decided to terminate his contract with the company following a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at AEW All In 2023 on August 27.

Jey Uso appeared on WWE's The Bump earlier today and invited CM Punk to sign with the RAW brand. Uso claimed that Punk is on the level of The Tribal Chief because everybody is talking about him. Uso added that he will be the former AEW star's first opponent on the red brand as well.

"Man, sign CM Punk. Like, why wouldn't we sign CM Punk? I know he got a whole bunch of haters or whatever. Hey Uce, if we are going to be honest, he's a superstar first and foremost. People talk about him, if it has got anything to do with wrestling, his name is in it. He like on some Tribal Chief status, he's top guy regardless of whatever is going on, so my invitation is open, man. Bring him. Let's go. Let's run it, bro, I'll be your first one to run with," he said.

Punk reposted Uso's invitation on his Instagram story earlier today, as seen in the image below. The veteran is currently labeled as a "free agent" and can appear on whatever brand he wants.

RAW GM Adam Pearce recently informed World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins that he will present Punk with a contract on the red brand next week.

Punk shares Uso's invitation to sign with RAW.
Punk shares Uso's invitation to sign with RAW.

Former WWE writer believes CM Punk wasn't allowed to comment on AEW during RAW promo

Wrestling legend Vince Russo recently suggested that CM Punk couldn't address his tumultuous exit from All Elite Wrestling because the two parties have likely made some kind of settlement.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW show, Vince Russo suggested that there was likely a settlement between Punk and AEW that would prevent the 45-year-old star from talking about the situation on WWE television. Russo added that Tony Khan hasn't commented on the matter as well.

"I guarantee you legally, legally he probably couldn't do that because I don't think Tony Khan has said anything and that would be why," Vince Russo said. [From 27:11 to 27:20]

CM Punk's return to WWE has brought in astounding numbers across social media so far. It will be fascinating to see what the veteran has to say this Friday night on WWE SmackDown.

Which WWE brand would you like to see CM Punk sign with? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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