Elias shares his honest opinions on R-Truth's stranglehold on the 24/7 Championship (Exclusive) 


Elias is back on RAW after a lengthy injury layoff, and he has been booked in a feud with Jeff Hardy, who he will face at the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV. Ryan Boman interviewed Elias for Sportskeeda ahead of RAW's latest episode. The Drifter shared his thoughts on various topics, including his confrontation with Brock Lesnar, the Jeff Hardy storyline, his long-term goals, and more. Elias also spoke about the 24/7 Championship and how R-Truth has dominated the title picture ever since it was introduced.

Elias comments on R-Truth dominating the 24/7 title picture

Elias, who himself is a 4-time 24/7 Champion, said that the Championship is essentially R-Truth's property. Elias felt that any 24/7 Champion is just holding on to the belt until R-Truth wins it back.

Elias went on to say that the title should just be renamed the R-Truth Championship.

"Yeah, I mean, that's essentially his title. You know what I mean, and anybody else who gets a hold of it, they are just kind of holding it until R-Truth finds a way to get it back. You know, it started out I think as a really fun and creative idea and a way to kind to add excitement to the show. At this point, what, like R-Truth, is like a 45-time Champion or 40-time Champion? I don't know what it is, man. It's over the top. Let's just call it the R-Truth Championship, and whatever match he has, it's kind of on the line, or whatever. He's just walking around backstage, and you want to get into a fight with him. It is what it is at this point."

R-Truth is a 42-time 24/7 Champion, and at this point, no one would complain if WWE actually renames the title.

During the interview, Elias also spoke about his hiatus and the mindset when it comes to dealing with injuries in pro wrestling.

"Yeah, wow! First off, that's just a crazy thing to say that I've become a veteran in the business. But, you know what, man, you're absolutely right; it's not all smooth sailing. It's more about your mindset when I said it's been fun ever since. It's kind of about the mindset. As far as the injuries, man, listen, I knew because I was a huge fan. I'm still a huge fan, and I knew exactly what I was getting into when I signed up for this. So, no, injuries aren't fun, but injuries are, for a lot of us, they are part of the game. Getting beat up, tearing things, breaking things, whatever it may be. So, it's never fun. I never want to be off television or have to take time off, but it is part of the game, and you just got to move forward with it and try to come back even better, with something new and something fun."

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