Eric Young confirms he has signed exclusively with IMPACT Wrestling [Exclusive]

Eric Young returned to IMPACT at Slammiversary
Eric Young returned to IMPACT at Slammiversary

Last month, at Slammiversary, Eric Young made his return to IMPACT Wrestling after four years away, having spent the prior 12 as a mainstay in the company where he became a Triple Crown Champion.

The World Class Maniac made his return at Slammiversary and found himself right back in the main event picture, as he pulled off a mask to reveal that he would indeed be the fifth man in the main event after a swerve from Rich Swann to claim the fourth spot which had been pre-advertised for a mystery competitor.

But has Eric Young actually signed with IMPACT Wrestling, and how exclusive is his contract? We asked the man himself.

Eric Young signs with IMPACT Wrestling

Yesterday, IMPACT Wrestling announced the signing of Kimber Lee to a contract, making The Princess a fully-fledged IMPACT Wrestling talent after three months with the company. Meanwhile, The Good Brothers recently confirmed that they have signed a contract with IMPACT Wrestling, but will be working with NJPW as well and are pushing for a partnership between both parties.

So, is Eric Young signed exclusively to IMPACT Wrestling?

The World Class Maniac confirmed to us that he has signed an exclusive contract with IMPACT Wrestling, saying he was "very excited" about that.

"Yeah, I am on an exclusive contract with IMPACT. I'm very excited about that!"

While we cannot confirm the length of the contract, Eric Young said that he's working on making IMPACT Wrestling the best that he possibly can right now, and stated that, as of now, he feels like he has maybe five or six years left in the ring, but said he'll come to that decision further down the line.

"I do have a lot of gas left in the tank. It's just a question of how much longer I want to do it."

Stay tuned, our full interview with Eric Young will be available to read and watch very soon.

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