Former world champion points out major plot hole surrounding WWE Money in the Bank attempted cash-in

Damian Priest with his WWE Money In the Bank briefcase
Damian Priest with his WWE Money In the Bank briefcase

A one-time WWE prospect believes they may have discovered a potential plot hole related to the Money in the Bank briefcase.

WrestleMania 31 in 2015 was headlined by Brock Lesnar, who was defending the WWE World Championship against Roman Reigns. The match ended in a title change as Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to turn the singles bout into a Triple Threat. The Architect pinned Reigns with a Curb Stomp to win his first world championship.

The 2023 Survivor Series event was headlined by Rollins, Orton, Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, and Sami Zayn, defeating The Judgment Day in WarGames. During the match, Rhea Ripley ran out with Damian Priest's Money In the Bank briefcase to set up a cash-in on Rollins for his World Heavyweight Championship. However, Randy Orton finally came out to even the odds and nixed the cash-in attempt.

On a recent episode of Chillin' With The Villain podcast, former PWG World Champion Marty Scurll and his co-host Sam discussed the recent Survivor Series main event and if a cash-in would have changed the WarGames match in a major way.

"I feel like there's a plot hole here... Rhea comes out with Damian Priest's Money in the Bank briefcase for Priest to cash-in during this WarGames match... so had Priest cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase during this match, would it have turned the match into a 10-way WWE Championship match?" he said.

The idea went viral on Facebook and Instagram. Some fans point to how WarGames did not start until Orton came in, so perhaps it would have been one-on-one for the title, while others say the idea is moot as WarGames is non-title.

Other fans reiterated how WarGames doesn't begin until all 10 participants enter, while some agreed Priest could have won the title for himself and WarGames for his team by pinning Rollins.

WWE to book successful cash-in for Damian Priest?

Judgment Day's dominant run on the WWE main roster continues into 2024, and Damian Priest plays a big part in that push.

The Archer of Infamy currently holds the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship with Finn Balor, and he still has the Money In the Bank briefcase title shot that is good for at least a few more months.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Keepin' It 100 Official podcast, the legendary Konnan had major praise for Priest and predicted a successful Money in the Bank cash-in for the 41-year-old.

"The problem is, if they were going to do him / [Seth] Rollins, [CM] Punk showed up, which is a more interesting story than [Damian] Priest and Rollins, right? And, right now, they want to cash in on the Punk / Rollins... Priest is a main event player, you know. If they keep him busy till it's his turn, you could still, you know. He could wait... He's been great in everything they've asked of him," Konnan said.

Priest continues to receive praise in and out of WWE. Another wrestling legend recently predicted a major future without The Judgment Day for the former NXT North American Champion.

What is your bold prediction for Damian Priest's WWE Money In the Bank cash-in? Do you think Priest should leave Judgment Day? Sound off in the comments below!