"I feel like it could happen" - Released star wants to reunite with his former stablemates in WWE

A star is hoping for an unlikely reunion.
A star is hoping for an unlikely reunion.

A former WWE Superstar has shared that he is hoping to have an epic reunion with his former stablemates.

Back in the day, Nexus was an iconic faction that debuted on the main roster with a bang. The group had a bunch of members throughout their time on the main roster, including CM Punk for a brief period. However, the faction lost a ton of momentum after losing to Team WWE at SummerSlam 2010, and John Cena has since admitted that it was a mistake for Nexus to lose the match.

During a Captain's Corner virtual signing, a former WWE Superstar discussed the possibility of Nexus reuniting in the promotion. Heath Slater noted that CM Punk is back, Wade Barrett is doing commentary, Darren Young still looks great, and joked that he now has a "dad bod" but can still go in the ring. Slater stated that people might think he is delusional but he still believes that there is an outside chance that it could happen.

“Then you have Justin Gabriel that is still out there high-flying, doing his 450 splash and kicking ass and looking good. Imagine if it would happen, and that wasn’t even a pitch (he laughed). I just pitched it baby. But being real, it could be — I feel like it could be an earthquake in wrestling again. But then again, who knows? That’s just me talking. Other people might be like, you delusional, old f*ck. There’s no way. But I feel like it could happen," he said. [H/T: Post Wrestling]

Former WWE star Heath Slater on CM Punk's return

Heath Slater recently pointed out the one negative thing about CM Punk's return to the company last November at Survivor Series: WarGames 2023.

Speaking on Rewind Recap Relive, Slater admitted that CM Punk's return to the company was a cool moment. However, he feels that the timing of his return could have been different. The veteran superstar suggested Punk's return ''overshadowed'' Randy Orton's moment at the premium live event last November.

"It's been a decade pretty much, it's a cool moment. Do I wish they would have done it at WarGames? No because I feel like Randy should have had a great moment too because Randy's amazing. Randy is one of those icons, Hall of Famers, legends. To me, if you sculpted out what a professional wrestler should be, it would be him. I kinda feel like it overshadowed Randy's moment, but it was a cool moment, of course," added Slater. [1:13:01 – 1:13:38]

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Heath Slater was also a part of the 3MB faction with former WWE Champions Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre during his time with the promotion. It will be interesting to see if the 40-year-old gets a chance to return to the Stamford-based promotion in the future.

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