"I've got that relationship with her" - WWE RAW star gets extremely emotional speaking about The Rock's daughter

Ava Raine is currently active on WWE NXT
Ava Raine is currently active on WWE NXT

Tamina recently got very emotional while speaking about The Rock's daughter, Ava Raine, joining WWE.

In 2020, The Rock's eldest daughter, Simone Johnson, signed a developmental contract with the Stamford-based company to become the first 4th generation superstar. About two years later, she made her NXT debut as Ava Raine to join The Schism. The 21-year-old is currently active on WWE's third brand.

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, The Rock's cousin & current Monday Night RAW star Tamina spoke about Raine being in WWE.

"I've known her since she was, you know, I mean, when Dany was pregnant with her. That's how long I've known Simone. This is how like, it was talking to her when she was in mama's belly. This is how it is. This girl has been there. Her and auntie Ato will be at the front row behind commentators. Everything, this is how it works. Like, they're at every single show. This girl has been there through her whole life. Now to see her come and debut and I was with my auntie Ato, at the time, and we were watching her in LA and, you know, when we watched her debut, I mean we just flipped. Now, that's something different, brother," she said.

The former Women's Tag Team Champion got very emotional as she disclosed that she has a special relationship with her niece.

"When you have your niece, you know, who has been there watching your career through that whole time and you're seeing this girl grow up to be the woman that she is today, I mean you can't help but like be so totally proud of her because [on the verge of crying] you start, because I do man, like they're so, my girls are my everything, you know, like Simone I've got that relationship with her. And I look at her as like as a daughter to me too in that way. And she was freaking, it was awesome. It was great. She did amazing. And you cannot be more proud of a family member in that way, if you can look at my eyes in this way, it was more than that brother. It was more than that. It was just [getting emotional] you just get proud," Tamina added. [10:22 -11:51]

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Tamina recently addressed the possibility of her joining The Bloodline. Check out her comments here.

Tamina believes Ava Raine is being herself in WWE

Over the past few years, several WWE Superstars' children have joined the company. While some failed to make an impact, others succeeded. A few even exceeded their parents' accomplishments.

In the same interview with TMZ Sports, Tamina pointed out that The Rock's daughter is finding her own way in the Stamford-based company, stating that she cannot just be "somebody's daughter."

"You just get really, really proud. It's something deep inside that you wanna hope and wish that, yeah, if this is everything that you wanted, child, you just did it. You got it. You made it. Like she did it. Stood on her own. You have to find your own person. You can't just be somebody's daughter. You just can't be that person. You gotta be you. And that's what she did. She's being her," Tamina said. [11:52- 12:14]

Ava Raine is one of five children of WWE Superstars currently working in developmental. Check out the list here.

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