"I've had mine broken" โ€“ WWE Veteran on Roman Reigns' ruptured eardrum and if Kevin Owens intentionally injured him

Reigns and Owens exchanged some brutal strikes during the WarGames match.
Reigns and Owens exchanged some brutal strikes during the WarGames match.

As reported earlier, Roman Reigns, unfortunately, walked out of WWE Survivor Series with a ruptured eardrum and wasn't too happy about the reason. Ric Flair reacted to the Tribal Chief's injury on his podcast and shared his opinions on the recent reports in the aftermath of WarGames.

The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion allegedly busted his eardrum after taking a hard slap from Owens during the men's WarGames match. It was stated that Reigns had noticeable bruising under his eye and was upset about sustaining the injury, leading to a brief backstage altercation.

There are no lingering issues between Reigns and Owens, as it didn't take long for the situation to get back to normal.

On this week's To be the Man, Ric Flair said that Roman Reigns' fans don't need to worry as the top WWE star hasn't seriously hurt himself. The Nature Boy recalled suffering a similar injury many decades ago as well.

"Hell, I've had mine broken. Michael Hayes broke mine. You get up and go [laughs]. It ain't no big deal unless it causes you equilibrium problems." [11:54 - 12:00]

Ric Flair also addressed the possible heat between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens and felt that KO would never purposely be stiff during a match. The former Universal Champion is widely respected in the business, and Flair said there was no malice behind Owens' move.

"It would not have happened intentionally... knowing Kevin and thinking what a great guy he is, I'm sure Kevin didn't smack Roman intentionally trying to break his eardrum. No." [12:25 - 12:46]

Ric Flair on getting his eardrum ruptured at the hands of WWE legend Michael Hayes

Unsurprisingly, a performer like Flair suffered countless injuries during his astonishingly long career. The WWE Hall of Famer also ruptured his eardrums when he faced Michael 'P.S.' Hayes, who is currently a Vice President and Senior Producer of WWE.

All-Time Hall Of Famers - Ric Flair & Michael Hayes

During the same podcast episode, Flair said that the wrestling industry was pretty different during his prime, as the talents didn't have the freedom to take days off.

The 73-year-old legend said he returned to work and later even worked on an hour-long match with Hayes.

"I don't think my equilibrium problems all those years later came from Michael Hayes breaking mine in Miami. I can't remember where he did it. But you know, the time was different," noted Flair. "We didn't take any time off, we went right back to work. As a matter of fact, I had to wrestle Michael for an hour that night. So, I'm sure he remembers it." [12:01 - 12:24]

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