Jey Uso teases major WWE reunion following WrestleMania

Jey Uso poses for the WWE Universe on RAW
Jey Uso poses for the WWE Universe on RAW

WWE's 40th annual WrestleMania event is less than twenty-four hours away. The Bloodline is set to play a major role this weekend, and former member Jey Uso has added to the viral buzz by teasing an unexpected reunion that does not involve his older cousin.

Night One of WrestleMania XL is scheduled to feature Jey vs. Jimmy Uso in a battle of brothers. The match has been brewing for more than one year amid tension within The Bloodline and The Usos' individual problems with Roman Reigns. ESPN hosted a Brother vs. Brother face-off special with Jimmy and Jey to build to the match.

The 8-time tag team champions sat down with ESPN sportscaster Joe Tessitore, and took shots at each other. After Jimmy talked about how hard it was to look in the mirror and see his twin every day, Jey fired back and said he looks "a little better" than his brother, who is older by just nine minutes. Jimmy was angered by this jab.

"But come Saturday, you ain't gone look nowhere as good as you do now, Uce. Because I'm gone kick all your teeth in, eyes swollen, nose broke, lip bleeding. Come on," Jimmy Uso said. [From 6:53 to 7:09]

The Usos were then asked to make their final face-to-face statements before Saturday's showdown. Jey shocked everyone by offering to reunite as a tag team, but he also made it clear that Jimmy would have to leave The Bloodline.

"Man, I'mma tell you this, Uce... Whatever happens out there in that ring, stays in that ring. Whatever happens... if you're down to level back up with me and just be tight, we can go out there and hash it out, in front of the whole world. But I promise you... I will leave mine in the ring. I'm always gonna love you, I'm going to [inaudible] you as my twin brother, alright? Whatever happens after this, bro, I'm always gonna love you. I would like to just... [smacks hands] after the 1-2-3, whether it be me or you, bruh. Man, we can be The Usos again. That's me. That's me, though. Can't do it running around with this Bloodline though," Jey Uso said. [From 7:10 to 8:12]

The WWE Universe has speculated on potential interference in Saturday's Uso vs. Uso match. Their father Rikishi has teased an appearance for weeks, while their younger brother Solo Sikoa is also likely to show up.

Roman Reigns predicts Uso vs. Uso at WWE WrestleMania XL

WrestleMania XL will feature the first-ever singles match between Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso.

The Usos began working the indies in 2008, and then signed their WWE developmental contracts in January 2010. Since then, the twin sons of Rikishi have held WWE tag team gold on eight occasions, and they held the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship once while in developmental. The brothers split last fall after Jey left The Bloodline due to a falling out with Roman Reigns.

Reigns appeared on The Pat McAfee Show this week and gave his prediction for Uso vs. Uso at WrestleMania. The Undisputed Universal Champion picked Big Jim to be the winner, while also accusing Main Event Jey of disrespect.

"Oh, I'm rooting for Big Jim. He's my only family. Hey, Jey made his choice. How do you walk away from the dream, how do you walk away from the promised land? It's disrespectful," Roman Reigns said.

The Tribal Chief went on to shock the audience with an interesting comment on Main Event Jey, which he did clarify before moving on.

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