"Just felt like sh*t" - Taya Valkyrie opens up about her release from WWE

WWE released Taya Valkyrie from her contract in November 2021
WWE released Taya Valkyrie from her contract in November 2021.

Former NXT star Taya Valkyrie (fka Franky Monet) recently opened up about her feelings after getting released from WWE last year. She is also married to WWE's former superstar John Morrison.

After competing for several years in different promotions, Taya Valkyrie signed with WWE in February 2021. She made her televised debut about two months later on NXT. Over the next few months, she became a regular competitor on the brand. However, the company released Valkyrie and her husband from their contracts in November 2021.

Speaking to Denise Salcedo, Valkyrie stated that she felt sorry for herself following her release from WWE.

"I was feeling so sorry for myself, like I was just not being myself. I was just like this whole other person because I mean my whole life I've had to really battle to like get to where I am. Like nothing's ever been just handed to me. I have always had to fight for it. And so I was just like, 'okay, well, this is gonna be another thing I have to fight again.' So I was kind of tired. I just felt like sh*t, sorry. It was just, yeah, it was pretty bad," she said. (7:10 - 7:43)

Watch Valkyrie's full interview with Denise Salcedo below:


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Taya Valkyrie believes her experience in WWE was "bizarre"

Before joining the Stamford-based Promotion, Taya Valkyrie wrestled for several promotions on the independent circuit. Following her release from WWE, the 39-year-old returned to the indies. She also returned to IMPACT Wrestling, where she currently holds the Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Championship alongside her Death Dollz partners, Jessicka and Rosemary.

In her interview with Denise Salcedo, Valkyrie stated that her current run on the independent circuit and IMPACT Wrestling is "interesting." Meanwhile, she dubbed her experience in the Stamford-based Promotion as being "bizarre."

"I look back on pictures of myself from the tail end of last year, just even like there's Halloween photos that popped up that were like a week before I got released and I'm just like, 'I don't even know who that person is' because it was such a bizarre experience for me. You know, it was just so bizarre and so weird and I still won't wrap my head around it," she added. (7:44 -8:07)

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