"Let's pray we never have a wardrobe malfunction" - Bianca Belair on making her own gear in WWE

Bianca Belair makes her own ring gear in WWE
Bianca Belair makes her own ring gear in WWE

WWE RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair recently spoke about making her own wrestling gear, disclosing why it is a tricky task.

After excelling in track & field and CrossFit, Bianca Belair signed with WWE in 2016 to kick off her professional wrestling career. About four years later, she made her main roster debut. The 33-year-old has since become one of the top female competitors on the current roster.

Speaking to On The Grind, the RAW Women's Champion revealed that she makes all her ring gear.

"I would say sewing really eases my mental health. I sew all the time. I sew and make all of my wrestling gear. And when I'm home, when I'm feeling nervous or anxious about an upcoming match, I like to sew. Puts me at ease, makes me feel accomplished. I mean, I'm like, I'm in the ring, sitting across my opponent, I'm like, 'I made my gear, what did you do?'" Belair said. [14:17 - 14:35]

The EST of WWE also explained why making wrestling gear is an uneasy and tricky task.

"You can't just make an outfit and go out there and have a wrestling match because the whole thing will fall apart. The fabric has to be stretchy, it has to be durable, it has to be functional. It's not just fashionable. I've had a couple of times when I've been scared. I've had to like sew my gear on me and we're taping it, I'm taping it on my body. And sometimes I'll put it on and I'll do a couple jumping jacks and some squats, I'm like, 'all right, I think it's good. Let's pray it holds up. (...) Let's pray we never have a wardrobe malfunction," she added. [14:43 - 15:19]

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Bianca Belair does her own makeup in WWE

RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair not only makes her own wrestling gear but also does her own makeup and hair before heading to the ring.

In her interview with On The Grind, The EST of WWE disclosed that she gets nervous before going out in front of the crowd. Hence, she likes to keep herself occupied by doing her makeup and hair. She also sometimes sews her gear in the locker room.

"For me, on match day, I get very antsy. I get nervous, but I've learned to embrace that nervousness. I can't sit still, so I don't like to get my makeup done, I like to do my own makeup. I have to do something with my fingers. So, I do my own makeup, I do my own hair. Sometimes I'm actually seweing gear in the locker room, not necessarily because I need to, but because I just need to do something with my hands. It calms me. It's like meditation for me," Belair explained. [8:17 - 8:43]

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